Stay Sober Weekender Thread until 6/1

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Good morning!

Off to work I go, Hi Ho, Hi Ho!
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The bus is feeling a little bumpy this morning, must be going down a dirt road but I plan on keeping in my seat. I will not drink today.
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I'm totally in. Looking forward to knocking down D12-14. I busted my rear last weekend with projects. My plan this weekend is to spend time with my younger children, read, practice guitar, and fly rc planes. Take it easy and sober is my plan. My plan for my witching hours in the evening is to work out and ride bikes. I'm kinda settling in with some simple routines now and feeling pretty good. Especially every morning when i wake up with a clear head. Mornings have become pleasant. Can't say that has been the case for over the last 15 years.
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Pressure makes diamonds
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count me in

I'm on the bus!!
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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So... No lunch date. Got moved to next week.

Car is detailed. My black beauty.

The sun is brilliant and the breeze cool and refreshing.

So with the day free I am heading north. To Camden Maine for lunch on the water. Look it up because Camden is a place they make movies it is so perfectly Maine.

You will all be coming with me... The bus is moving forward!!! And PP you will not fall out that chair.

Olive, Ruby and BiM... behave back there!!!
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Take care of yourself today Mr K, we are all here for ye!!!

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Good post, Weasel. You're really doing the right thing by celebrating LIFE on this day - sounds like you've got great plans. Lunch on the water in Camden? Can't beat that.

Saoutchick - good to hear you know where you stand...or, do you? Portugal? Very interesting! And yeah, FIFA has a PR crisis of the largest magnitude right now. Switzerland???? By the Americans???? Oy, that's rough!

Breakfast of granola, red bananas and yogurt here. Finishing up work before 2 weeks off. Yeah! With sobriety comes opportunity. Grab it and enjoy the ride!
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I'm not going to behave back here. I'm kicking the back of Mec's seat. That young whipper snapper. Saoutchik, I don't think we ever get too old for torrid, so it's good to be prepared. It just takes different forms and we are better able to navigate.

At work. I'm so antsy at work lately that I know it's vacation time. I've got three weeks until I get a five day weekend. I'll be doing a stay-cation. It's a gap week between end of school and start of all day camp for the kids.

MChill, I think your plan sounds good. It's those little changes in routine that yield the biggest results. How old are your children?
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Ruby, I have 2 sets of twins. My 18 year old daughters just graduated high school this week and are off to college in the fall. My younger twins (boy/girl) are 10.

I've had many talks with my olders about drinking and drugs. I told them that both me and their mom have the bad gene. The gene that makes habitual smoking/drinking come WAY too easy. That they need to be VERY careful about what "switches" they turn on in their bodies as they get older.

They've known me as a daily drinker basically their entire lives but didn't equate that to a problem because I was so functional. I confessed it's a real problem and that I felt physical withdrawal last week. Told them that feeling that way is a big bright neon sign starting me in the face that I have a problem. A problem that I never want them to experience.

They both told me that they can't even tell the difference with me not drinking lately. Which was nice to hear of course but that's really not what is going on inside me and I made that point clear.
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Navigating freshman year in college can be tough. It's good that you had a talk with them. It's good you realize that it's how you feel inside and not what your daughters see that is important.

The ten year olds will notice in having a more present dad. At least, that was true for me. Mine are almost 7 and almost 10. They have noticed.
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Thinking of you today Ken. Be kind to yourself.

My thoughts on caramel and fluff....I can't adequately describe my love for it....or hot fudge and fluff.

Well I guess I am headed to Asbury Park for the weekend. My girlfriend hit me with this at 11 last night. She is all about sleeping on the beach then go to the concert tomorrow. I am all about electricity and running water. I guess we have 5 hours to discuss it in the car lol.

I don't think the guy I am seeing is all that impressed with the idea. It's hard to explain I would never have done this drinking because I literally would have been too ill. It's like I want to experience so many things that I missed out on.
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'Hi Ho, Hi Ho...'

Now, there's a lil Refrain I learned to never shout out the Car Window in South Central Los Angeles.

Up with the Sober Chickens this mo'nin to pack the Trash Bin full of assorted bits. Parts from an old, broken Garage Door Opener. An old 'Window Quilt'; an insulated Slider Door Cover that was shot. A broken Garden Tool or two. Kinda feels good to get such Guano out of my Life. Cleansing, in a Suburbanite sort of way...

Now watching Sharapova kick Booty at The French Open. 27 years old. Worth an estimated ~$150 Million. All the OCD talk that permeates some Threads here caused me to notice how Pros like Sharapova and Nadal make the exact same lil ritualistic motions before Serving. Nadal lifts his Tee Shirt up off of both Shoulders. Then, he scoops his Hair behind his Ears on both sides. Then, he gets around to actually Serving. This Sharapova Pic made me think of the Tune linked below...

Da Wife has both Lunch and Dinner/Drinks Plans with Chix, so I'm kinda Footloose today. While I don't have the Coast nearby - as does Kaptain K - I'll find fun somewhere. No one's gonna do it for me, eh?

- 'Baby You Can Drive My Car' ~ Sir Paul McCartney ~ Live -
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Rough night last night. We got 7 inches of rain in a couple of hours (2-4 am). It was storming the entire time. No sleep in that stuff.
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AF, I heard you're getting hammered again. I'm sorry for you guys. From total drought to total squelching mud. Hang in there
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Della, I think it's great that you're doing this. Have fun. Bring bug spray and sun scream as my kids say.
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Art, Last nights storm was CRAZY! The thunder cracks were so loud it made my teeth hurt. Glad your ok.
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I thought I was facing my first real test this afternoon but not the case anymore.

My best friend of nearly 30 years and I meet at least 3 Fridays/month to play disc golf after work during the warm months. Part of the ritual is splitting a 6 pack afterwards. This has been going on for over 10 years. I told him today that I can't drink for a while because of blood pressure meds but don't really care if he wants to bring some for himself.

At first he was surprised that I was drink free but we talked it over a little bit. He never drank as much as me but likes his weekend beers. He knows I'm daily and was impressed i was able to "drop it just like that". I said it wasn't that simple but I'm 12 days in and need to keep it up. Because I'm not drinking he's going to pass on bringing beer today and in the future. That's a real friend right there. Doesn't even know the extent of my inner problems and dropped it without a second thought because he knows the temptation isn't fair and our time together doesn't "require" drinking.
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MisterChill, that's fantastic and that's true, deep friendship. I have two thirty plus year friends like that and they are more precious than gold.
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I'm in and later than usual... You all have been busy the past 24 hours!

For some reason, I feel like eating ice cream this morning??

Ken, be good to your self today and you are right, you do come first in this fight. You've got a lot of folks that care about you here.

MM, I'm a tennis fan too and enjoy it a little more when Sharapova is playing.

Happy beginning to a good and sober weekend everybody.
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MrChill that's great. Made my day reading that.
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