exercise bike to quell alcohol urges??

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exercise bike to quell alcohol urges??

so, as the thread title suggests, i am considering getting an exercise bike. this would be a good way to focus my energy, i think, and i will use it when the urge to drink becomes too much. i used to have a mega treadmill which i loved but i don't have the room for a treadmill now. before that i simply ran/walked around the downstairs of our house as it was every large but, again, we don't have any room now.
so, is an exercise bike a good idea? maybe a folding one so i can store it away when not in use. also, they are fairly quiet unlike a treadmill.
do you think this will work or will it be a waste of money? i know i will use it, i just don't know if it will help to ease the urges?....
on a different note, do they help you to lose weight or just tone you up?
thank you
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Exercise is one way to stop the urges, sure. Do you have any other plans either formal ( meetings, counseling, etc ) or informal ( SR, daily meditation, etc ? )
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I think that exercise plays a part in recovery and helps you to feel better about yourself. Do you have other things in mind for your recovery plan?
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MIRecovery (05-27-2015)
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Exercise it great for relieving stress. I used to run and it did the trick. But, maybe that should be a part of the tool box
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Everyone is as unique as a fingerprint but exercise definitely makes a difference for me personally during the evenings when the grip is tugging on me. Especially aerobic stuff. I've done regular bike rides, high rep/low weight workouts, and even doing 10 flights of outdoor stairs at my local elementary school.

By the time my heart rate returns to normal I feel completely different and surprisingly relaxed considering what time the clock says.

Before investing in a piece of equipment try out a simple cardio workout on youtube or just doing a bunch of stairs and see how you feel afterwards.
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Hi, smadams. I have an exercise bike in my home and I love it. I don't use it to fight urges, per se, but regular exercise has a lot of other benefits. I've lost weight, I tire myself out so I sleep better at night, sense of accomplishment (short term - having gotten my workout in for the day, long term - having lost X weight, or built up to X miles in X minutes). So yeah, I'd say get yourself an exercise bike.

Again, for urges? Haven't tried it, myself. Best wishes!
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May I suggest you buy a Nintendo Wii. You can probably find plenty second hand (online). I have one, and it's fun. You can buy lots of different games and also a fitness program, that will come with your own personal trainer. You can chart your progress. I think it's more fun than a stationary bike.

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I don't know about a bike, but I used to walk my dogs when I got the urge to drink. They got a lot of walks for a while and I stayed sober.
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thanks to everyone for your replies. based on your replies and my thoughts tonight, i will definitely buy an exercise bike-probably a second hand one so it shouldn't cost too much.
i don't really have anything else in place to fight the urges, just stuff i have printed off the internet and you guys here.
i have tried just doing exercises around my living room/running up and down the stairs but i remember how intense it used to be on the treadmill and i kind of long for that unthinking, repetitiveness that exercise equipment can give me.
calico fish, i am looking to lose weight and am sure a wii would have the opposite effect but thanks for the suggestion-the fact that it charts your progress is tempting though. i already have a lot of pc games but they don't really detract me from wanting a drink unfortunately.
thank you SDH73 for reminding me of the feeling i got after a good hour or two on the treadmill-this has really driven my motivation to get a bike (before this post i was considering it, but now it is a definite thanks to your reminders of sweaty accomplishment) so a great big heartfelt thank you to you.
thanks again to all!
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If you can find one, try the Gold's Gym Twist N Step at wally world. Inexpensive, VERY compact, durable.
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