Starting new life without alchohol

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Great job Brian, the ball is now rolling. Good for you.

I don't want to derail the thread, but many people mention waking up earlier when not drinking and sleeping late when drinking. I was the complete opposite. When drinking on the weekends I would pop up incredibly early and be wide awake almost immediately. When not drinking, I slept so sound it was tough getting out of bed. I think it was related to blood pressure, since when drinking it would get pretty high, which in turn made me high strung. Anyone else experience this?
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Just updating my thread, day 35 today and everything is normal. Funny how fast time goes bye. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I get a lot done after work and have tons more motivation. That is another thing that alchohol does, its the great de-motivator. When I think of all those years drinking with low motivation/energy putting off everything I could or doing a half assed job it now sickens me, what a waste. I now this is true for many of us as I read in others threads the same thing about wasting all our time on drinking. I want to say I wish It never happened but it did and we cant go back to do it over so I will just enjoy my future with plenty of motivation, energy, clear head, positive outlook, etc., etc. this is virtually never ending as far as benefits go.

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Good going QuitForSon. Glad it's working out for you.
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way to go Brian - congrats

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Day 43, still sober and enjoying life. I still seem to have a withdrawal issue which is a short temper. I don't remember my temper being this short when I was drinking. It may or may not be related. Has anyone else encountered having a quick temper 6 weeks after quitting?

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