Blood results are in!

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Blood results are in!

I still have to wait to see my knee specialist tomorrow but I saw my regular doctor this morning. She wasn't able to tell me very much because she didn't know what exactly the specialist is looking for and the results can be read different ways.

I'm positive for autoimmune disorders which is quite broad.... it runs in my family in a huge spectrum of diseases.

Positive for inflammation but I already knew that.

Negative for rheumatoid arthritis which is a good thing.

And for the grande finale!!! My liver is fine! I didn't even know I was getting tested for it.

Ya gotta take the good with the bad sometimes

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more definitive diagnosis.
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Hey, overall that's pretty positive Zen

Good luck tomorrow
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I feel like giving up!

Feels like my world is falling apart around me.

Most of the results are inconclusive but the autoimmune results are worrisome to him since they run in my family and the rest of the results came back negative. I have to wait till I get the MRI in a few weeks. If it comes back that I have the same issues in both knees then it will utterly sink my workers compensation claim.

Oh and I'm borderline diabetic. That is just the icing on the cake! Instead of answers I get hit with another problem.

I changed my mind! I don't want to be a grown up anymore!
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I'm no doctor Zen and i don't know the reason you are being tested for so it's hard to comment but the diabetes thing might improve now you have stopped drinking - a bit of Google research might give you some encouragement .

Good luck with the MRI Zen

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About the diabetes.....I also read that if you quit drinking sometimes the pancreas starts working right. Stick to you guns Z,
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The human body is a fantastic piece of kit Zen!!

Most here on SR would snatch your arm off for "liver fine"!!
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Zen, I'm borderline diabetic as well. The good news is that you most likely can treat it with diet and exercise. It isn't the end of the world. Your liver is fine. I take one day at a time. I don't want to grow up either but the fact remains, I can't change that either. Hugs.
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Yeah the diabetes thing can be managed with diet and exercise.

And yes it's wonderful news that my liver is still in good shape.

What has me worried and upset is that it is looking like I may have an autoimmune disease that is attacking my joints.

Both my knees are crazy swollen. I'm having a very hard time getting around. I'm not working over this. I have no money coming in. If it's a disease then my workers compensation claim is not going to ever get approved.

I have no idea what I'm going to do. I can't even get a straight forward diagnosis. I tried to get unemployment insurance but I'm getting the run around because if I work it has to be modified duties and their policy says that I have to be available for any work.

I honestly feel like my life is falling apart right now. It's messed up.
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