Day 4 and still truckin

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Day 4 and still truckin

Well it's Day 4 for my sobriety. Not feel great or bad. Just trying to get through the night. Can't sleep but stay awake. Watching tv shows and most like will be doing it all night until I pass out 3 to 5 times the night and getting maybe an hour of sleep. Hangover is a bit*h and more so when you drink for 4 and half days straight. If I straight after the first night I would have been all better through the week but would most likely be drunk this weekend because I could have stop after one night. So, this may or may not be a good thing but if I didn't drank last week, I would have been doing just find. Lazy half of the time but better off with my body and mind.

Have a good night. Going to go back to my tv shows and will come on here from time to time tonight.

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That's a good start and congrats on day four TV is pretty great for those sleepless nights. Just keep going, you're doing great.
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Lenina (05-25-2015)
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Congratulations on day four and I'm glad you're here and getting support :-)

It'll get better and you should be proud of your journey so far!
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ACtionPack, I'd been wondering how you were doing! Glad you're back among us! Stay the course, it gets better!

Love from Lenina
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Congratulations on 4 days AC10nPack
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Congrats on day 4! And remember the great thing is you never have to feel that bad again. Hope you got some sleep and please keep checking in when you get a chance.
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A Day at a Time
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Welcome back

Day 3 was always the worst for me so you are on the downhill slide.

You know the drill. What is your plan to stay sober?
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Welcome back ACT10N. Day 4 is great.
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Congratulations and remember that you never have to be back in this place. Stay strong. With each day it becomes easier to sleep through the night. Until then, stay in touch and keep your head up! Youre almost there.
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Day 4 is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Yay! Good job, dude!..Keep going
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Great job on day 4. Keep up the good work!
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