Uk brothers and sisters.

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Jeff, No one is giving up on you. To just share music and laugh everything off would do you a great disservice. You're counting on us to help - we all want more than anything for you to stop harming yourself. If we didn't care we'd read your posts, shake our heads, and move along without commenting. There is love and concern for you here. Please treasure your precious life and respect yourself. We know you can get free. Never stop trying.
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Originally Posted by doggonecarl View Post
If you continue to read post, then pop over to the friends and family of alcoholics forum and read about the havoc and chaos that alcohol brings to our loved ones. Your drinking isn't just affecting you. To continue to drink is to disregard those who are impacted as well.

I warn you though, it can be pretty shocking. And if you think the posts regarding drinking and alcohol are harsh on this side of SR, you'll be surprised.

I'm thankful every day I'm sober that I'm sparing my wife from the ravages of my addiction.
Hey Jeff, can only second Carl's advice. I read as many threads in F&F as I could in my humble 4 days of sobriety and the rawness of emotion in these posts shows the sheer misery and pain that our drinking causes and it is heartbreaking. When you sober up take a look it just might make you think twice. If you are a lost cause then so am I and I KNOW that is not true.
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When you stop drinking your life will improve

Its starts with you by not drinking no matter what when your ready to do that and stop being so sensitive, posting drunk videos & getting upset with ppl you'll realise every SR poster cares why would they post if they didnt

Better yet your too blind to see that fact friend

Its not good is it, i wish i had something like SR when i went cold turkey i done that alone it was horrific

My point is make full use of this site to get involved in your sobriety leave your ego at the door (my ego wants to kill me)

This is your sobriety but all you seem to be doing is drinking posting music videos & 0% work on your sobriety

And you still get shown kindness you should take a look in the mirror sometime
because this problem is only solved by not drinking i know you can do it i done it it nearly killed me for real for real and i can only share in your pain of trying

But your not trying
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