Desperately need advice

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I am really trying to make it what I wanted to be and I think you can do it too we just have to put work into it. I am not saying that this is going to be easy, but I know hundred percent that it's going to be so worth it. The fact that I haven't woken up with a hangover in so long makes me feel wonderful. The fact that I haven't blacked out is great. I had the worst blackouts and I would do crazy things and I didn't even remember...

Choosing to quit has made a huge impact on me and it has really empowered me because I feel like a bad a$$ for cracking my whip and making it happen .

Again, it will not be easy but it will be worth it and we will always be here 24/7 to support you .
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Ishallnotwant that was such a beautiful post you have me in tears but the truth is I was that kind of person brought up well my my grandparents. Then I was bullied physically abused raped by two men discriminated against because of my gender in a job I gave 20 hours a day. Not their fault I know I was ALWAYS an alcoholic. Hard not to be cynical sometimes though. Sorry don't mean to be sob woe is me
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Nowsthetime I'm so excited for you life is good I can tell by the tone of your post. Yeah 12 hours of my day is a blackout its horrible. Panic. Checking your phone records...I was 2 hours on the phone to my mum?? WTF did we talk about? No idea. That is just sick on my part I'm disgusting. Get better or die for me.
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I am praying for you HopelessCase. I truly believe you can and will climb out of the hell that you are in. We have all been where you are and understand. I just wanted to welcome you. :-) Never give up. You deserve to be happy.
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Serenidad thank you so much I don't have words. Yes this is hell promise me you believe this is not selfish...why would ANYONE want to feel so sick bad guilty miserable lonely and in pain. Everyone I've come across on this site are caring and friendly thank you so much guys;
You ALL deserve the very best.
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Originally Posted by HopelessCase View Post
You ALL deserve the very best.
As do you. And sobriety is possible for you if you would choose it.
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There is much hope for you here HC. You seem to be willing and have made a firm decision to start a new life. Yes, now the work begins. Don't grow weary as it may be rough at times for the rewards are so great.
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Originally Posted by HopelessCase View Post
Nonsensical thank you so much for your reply. You're right and I'm so sorry for being negative and morbid but I'm not on any social media anymore and that's how I felt when I registered...I have PR qualifications ridiculous. You're so kind for replying to me I hope I get out of this and can be a support to all you guys in the future if I live. Hope you're having a good day thanks again
I know exactly what you mean about being in a particular frame of mind on the day you registered here at SR. Look at my screen name - that's how life felt that day.
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Welcome to SR, HopelessCase! Glad you were able to overcome your fears and register here. I'm still in very early sobriety myself (day 14) so I'll just say that there is a ton of great support and wisdom to be found here. Look forward to getting to know you better!
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