Tired & Run down

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Tired & Run down

I need some motivation. Something to get me moving. I am very depressed right now. I have to get my house packed up before Monday and I haven't done ****.

I slept all of 3 hours last night maybe. Although one straight hour felt amazing. And I was dreaming again. I don't remember the last time I dreamt.

My biggest problem is these hot/cold sweats. What they heck? I wake up drenched and then I am freezing bc I am so wet. Do I put on a sweatshirt? Make it warmer in my room? Colder? Most of the times I wake up is bc I am cold and sweaty.

I have been drinking green tea to try to get some caffeine in me. I have an interview today at 2:30 so I have to power through that. Eating is hit and miss, but thats mostly because I have nothing in my house since I won't have a fridge after Friday.This is only day 2 for me.
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Those night sweats stink. Really not much to do but get through them. I made sure I had a change of clothes handy.

Try to eat something. Start small with your packing job. One box, one room at a time. Pick a drawer to pack and box it.

Good luck with your interview this afternoon. Take it easy.
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Good thing about those cold sweats is that the don't last beyond a few days so you won't have to put up with them for long.

Iron & B12 supplements might be an idea JulesS as us drinkers tend to be low on both and they give us energy.

Congratulations on 2 days. Hope the move goes OK
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Adding iron to your diet without drs orders can be dangerous. Please talk to your dr before taking a supplement.

I hope that you feel better soon and sleep better as well. Good luck with the job interview.
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Sorry, didn't mean to give med advice. As Anna says see doc first (good idea anyway in early revovery). They did help me
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