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Celena episcopal community services san diego

This is a post regarding my experience at Crash Incorporated in San Diego, CA. Immediately I began to believe that this woman named Celena whom I met at Episcopal Community Services in San Diego was monitoring my progress through Tim Huddleson Recovery Center. Very simply: This woman manipulated the drug counselors at CRASH and my boss into helping her stalk me, but I could never prove it. I matched up her handwriting on my homework assignment with the "face to face" interview cards I kept from 2000. I saw her drive by me and try to hide her face 10th and Broadway. I remember Anna and the things she said from the podium. She applied at TRG. Friend of yours? Who owned the Chrysler Sebring that would follow me? I began to believe that I was being followed unofficially by the police department. I assumed her boyfriend was a cop. Cop cars would follow me around routinely downtown as I walked around during lunch. (I thought they were following me to see if I was meeting with Celena) I went into Golden Hill House but left because I had developed such a deep hatred for what these drug counselors at CRASH were doing. They're so deceptive and manipulative. I left Golden Hill House because I couldn't handle their deception and manipulation any more. I went into Volunteers of America for a six month residential program. The managing director brought me into his office one day and told me that I was caught sleeping in someone else's bed and it was reason for expulsion from the program. He told me that he made a referral for me at St. Vincent DuPauls down the street. When I arrived there it was b.s. There was no referral for me in their drug treatment program. When I went back VOA they threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave. I slept in Balboa Park that night and I was followed by several police cars walking up there. I moved into a sober living house in City Heights a couple months later (still clean). I couldn't handle believing that I was being followed by Celena on one hand and her police officer boyfriend on the other. I think her boyfriend was the one who had me thrown out of VOA. Why would they do that? The only answer I can come up with: So that I might relapse. They were successful weren't they? I relapsed at the Churchill Hotel and I believe Celena knew and it hurt her deeply while her boyfriend and his buddies thought it was great. Thanks so much, Celena. Police officers downtown would always laugh at me as they drove by after that. Because of you my drug treatment at CRASH was destroyed and then stolen from me at VOA. And it's all your fault. I saw how you looked at me on 6th and University. Saw you on 10th and Broadway hiding your face. The counselor from Sobrios Amigos with the white Ford focus apparently thought it was so funny. He used to laugh at me when I would share from the podium at 1010 Broadway on Saturday nights.

I quit me job at TRG and then turned them into the SEC for violations later that year because I was so furious at what they all did to me. It destroyed the company. I continue to suffer severe psychosis because of what they all did. I routinely to emotional breakdowns. What happends is I begin to shake and twitch very violently. My head swings from side to side very violently until I go into a state of non-responsiveness or uncounscienceness. I have been hospitalized approximately 15 times for this. I have about 800,000 dollars in hospital bills. One of the time in Florida it happened and my family had me thrown in jail and convicted of a domestic violence charge. All because I had was the victim of Celena's stalking. How about Leads 99? Listening to my call there, too? I was homeless living in my car while I was working at Leads 99 because I had been thrown out of my office 6 months earlier by the Police Dept. And I thought the training manager at Leads 99 was allowing you to listen to my phone calls. It's why I quit.

Celena, I know you didn't mean to hurt me. But you and your friends are disgusting people and you all deserve to lose your ability to practice substance abuse counselling. I even think you had the doctors at USCD ask me questions about my mother. I never told anyone else about my mother's death other than John and Celena. You all think I'm so stupid. Is the art of love really God's work through me? Are stress levels normal for my situation, Celena? All the times I was in the hospital it was because I thought I was being followed by the police department. I was living in an office on Voltaire Street in Ocean Beach when I was in UCSD after one of the emotional breakdown. While I was in UCSD Medical Center the San Diego Police had notified the owner of the property that if she did not have me removed from the property they were going to notify the county of the violation. I was thrown out of the office while still in UCSD Medical Center and I think your boyfriend had it done. Thanks a lot, Celena. Honesty, Openmindedness and Willingness? Making amends to those you've harmed? You and your friends are disgusting. But so is the War on Drugs. What else would one expect.
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