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Hi! I'm new to this and I'm needing advice...I've been taking pain pills for the past year. Well, Ive been wanting to get off them for a while. Today I just hit the 72 hour mark of withdrawal but last night I did take one pill but it wasn't the same pill I've been taking. Is this going to take me back to day one??? Need advice please!
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Welcome to SR LuLu. I am not all that familiar with pain pills and the withdrawals from them, but i would say that it's not a good sign to replace one pill with another so soon after trying to abstain. Are you working with the doctor that prescribed the pills to stop taking them?
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I think that as long as you are replacing one pill with another then you are not really working on your sobriety. I think it's great that you've decided to live a sober life and I hope you are talking to your dr about getting off the pain medication.
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Welcome to the Forum LuLu!!
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Welcome to SR Lulu.
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Welcome Lulu nice to meet you
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Welcome to the family. I don't know anything about pain meds but I'm sure someone who does will be along soon.
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I came off a year of opiate pain killers. All kinds and any kinds. Let me first say as hard as it may seem...acute wd's aren't that long. Much like alcohol. Feels like an eternity...I get that. But it really will seem like a distant memory soon enough.

Stick with it and you'll be happy.

The pill you took will have its impact no matter matter what. If it's an opiate, then it's an opiate. Might not be as strong, but it will give strength to the monster. The best thing to do is push through and stop feeding it. Let it die.

You probably won't revert back to square 1, but it will take you back a couple squares. It's kinda like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Don't be too concerned. That'll just make it seem worse.

Push through it. You'll be very happy you did.
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Welcome LuLu! I wasn't a pill person but I guess I'd think that taking a different pill would be similar to me deciding that drinking whiskey tonight wasn't breaking my sobriety because I'm usually a vodka drinker. Either way, I'm taking something to try and make me feel different.

There's a lot of wonderful support here in these forums, hope you take advantage of it and look forward to getting to know you better!
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