tired of stress outs nearly 6 months in

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Hi all,

5 months 25 days sober now.

The thing thats bugging me is stress creeps up on me and silly little things can bring on an episode of a mini freak out heart rate increases etc. What bothers me is that it can make me feel a bit spaced out until I chill out. Sometimes takes up to an hour, however has been improving since I quit. Now it might happen once or twice a week and last betwern 10 min and about half an hour. But then I still feel a bit rattled by it. Anyone relate to these stressy weird tired spacey feelings? Did this improve for you beyond 6 months? Hope so I had panic attacks early in recovery which are mostly gone. They freaked me out.
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I still get these from time to time but, I think that they were much worse when I was drinking. I just didn't notice these things back then like I do now sober.
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Most definitely can relate. For me everything was new, in a sense that then I was facing everything sober for the first time in my life. Even something as simple as the cable bill in the mail could cause me to panic. I still recall even when the gas gage in my car was down below a quarter tank and having it happen.
I spent many years making mountains out of mole hills- simple things like just paying a bill or filling up the gas tank. It took some time for my thinking to change and see them small things were really small things.
It has definitely improved over time with practicing the solutions. But I still get times I can go into freak out mode. But they aren't that often.

Something very good for me to read this morning, mrjustin:
You don't mention that the thought of drinking comes up, which IMO is major progress for ya!
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Gday TomSteve, just realised what you said. Your right I go days now not thinking about drinking! Now im just stressing about how I react to stress (lol just realised that sounds nuts).
Im often touched by how intelligent, insightful us recovering alcoholics are. Thankyou glad im not alone!! And spot on mountainmanbob, I didnt realise just how stressed i was inside till I stopped masking it with 12 beers a night.
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tomsteve (05-19-2015)
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I can relate to this post. I've always been a sensitive person, with nerves on top of my skin. I've got ways of hiding it, but things do get to me easily. Alcohol used to help with that. Then it added to the problem and magnified it.
So, I'm left here learning to face things head on. It's hard. It's a process to learn or relearn things that drinking fogged over and made us forget.

I'm only five months in myself. Taking it one step at a time. Things continue to get easier. From what many people in long term sobriety say, it continues to get better as we grapple with life without drinking.
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mrjustin (05-19-2015)
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Your right GN , we used alcohol to numb lifes stresses but without it we need to dace them. And its bloody scary at first. And I found myself asking will I ever be able to function in life again? I felt like a nervous wreck when I quit. But it does get easier, its just bloody slow and takes patience. Learning to eelax and release stress even the smallest trivial stuff which addsup is the go.
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