A Sober Wedding Weekend

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A Sober Wedding Weekend

I feel that I passed a big test. I went to a friends' wedding and didn't have a drop of alcohol, even though I was surrounded be people who were drinking the whole time. I had multiple urges throughout the weekend. Hell, there was an open bar with good alcohol, but I just drank my club soda or diet soda. My wife was drinking too.

I feel that I have some social anxiety. So being around so many people normally would have been a trigger for me to drink. But I got comfortable with being uncomfortable. Were there moments that I felt out place? Yes. Were there moments were I wish I could be like everyone else and drink? Yes. However, I stuck with the plan. As weekend progressed, saying no got easier. Saying yes to non-alcoholic drinks became my preference. Every morning, I was so thankful that I didn't have a hangover. I even worked out every day, while my wife was helping with the wedding. For the first time, in a long time, I feel proud my accomplishment. I want to give thanx for everyone on SR. I read the forums multiple times throughout the weekend. You helped remind me why choosing sobriety is important to me.
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Great work, very glad to hear you made it through the weekend sober.
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Good for you, that was awesome! I say that because that's where I fell off the wagon after 2.5 years sobriety, at a wedding (I was best man) I'm proud of you, you did really good, I also have social anxiety, it's getting better but back then during the wedding in 2000, i had anxiety real bad, it gets better for me if I step out of my comfort zone.

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Thats so weird I just posted a similar post before I read urs thanks :-)
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I have a wedding next weekend. I don't think it will bother me not to drink but it is my first big event. It's a good friends daughter and honestly most of the people there would be very disappointed if I did drink. Good job!
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Originally Posted by mrjustin View Post
Thats so weird I just posted a similar post before I read urs thanks :-)
yeah, I'd avoid the boozy parties like the plague, or if you do go and get the urges, RUN (forest)
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Great job on pushing through!!
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Good for you!
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Glad you did so well 1needhelp

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I went to a wedding last weekend and stayed sober is a big deal isn't it to get through this sober?! Good for you....I know how tough it can be even for those of us who have been sober for awhile and REALLY want to be sober. It was a good reminder for me how precious my sobriety is and how easily it would be to throw it away. It is better for me to not put myself in these situations too often
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Glad you made it through sober!
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Somebody on this forum told me guard your sobriety jealously. That is what I feel that i did. Thank you everyone for your support. I am just 11 days sober, but I know things will get easier as time goes by. Urges are still there but I just remember what's more important to me. Then I jump on SR, and read and post. Hope everyone had a great sober weekend.
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