New Way of Thinking

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New Way of Thinking

I am finding this thought process to be invaluable for me right now for answering the question of.... how will I ever enjoy myself again without drinking socially??? The following passage reminds me of what a sloppy mess I turn into every single time I pick up a drink (as there is no such thing called moderation for me).

Disclaimer: I am not advocating any one method for quitting. Take what works and leave the rest!!!!

“What is this marvellous and pleasurable effect we think we get from drinking anyway? Is it the pleasure of not being able to communicate properly? Is it the marvellous effect of losing all your senses so that you become immediately vulnerable and completely unprotected from danger? Is it the wonderful feeling of becoming totally stupefied? Is it the great effect of not being able to focus or walk properly? Is it the pleasurable effect of talking complete and utter rubbish for hours on end? Is it the wonderful sensation of vomiting? Is it the pleasure of blowing your mind so much that you become a completely different person? Is it the marvellous effect of destroying your memory so you don’t even recall your apparently wonderful experience anyway? Is it the marvellous and pleasurable effect of losing all the checkpoints between your brain and mouth so you get loud, aggressive, obnoxious, vulgar, nasty, hurtful, uptight, annoying, repetitive, pathetic, overemotional or abusive? Is it the marvellous effect of being out of control? Is it the wonderful effect of not being able to make love or show true love and affection because you are too ‘out of it’?”

“Is it the pleasure of saying and doing things that you will regret for many years to come? Is it the great sensation of dizziness? Just tell me, where and what is this marvellous effect? To be honest, I don’t think you can as it just doesn’t exist. It’s one huge fallacy."

Excerpt From: Vale, Jason. “Kick the Drink Easily!.” Crown House Publishing, 2011. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBooks Store.
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I have struggled with that in the past. I have often thought I was quite insane to glorify alcohol so much and have such a hard time imagining my life without it. Truth is though, many people do not drink for many reasons. And they live very happy, healthy fulfilling lives.
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I think sometimes we can romanticise alcohol as the centre of our social universe, the answer to our boredom etc, so looking past the fairytales and realising the reality of things is a useful perspective to have!!
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