Soberwolf has a Birthday!

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Soberwolf has a Birthday!

I hope your day is amazingly fun!!
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Happy Birthday pal!!! Hope it's wonderful!
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voices ca**y
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Happy Birthday Soberwolf.
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Happy Birthday, Wolfie!

You are a good friend to this community and we're fortunate to have you among us.
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Happy B-DAY Soberwolf!
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Love you, Wolfie!!

Happy Birthday from your fellow Taurus!
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Happy birthday soberwolf!!
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Best wishes my friend
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Happy B-Day Wolfman! You might be too young to remember this one.

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Have a great birthday.
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Hope you have a wonderful day.
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Happy birthday SW! Your dedication to sobriety and to helping others is a true inspiration to me.
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Happy birthcake!
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Happy birthday to you!
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One Day At A Time
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Have a wonderful birthday, SW!!
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Happy birthday to the big bad wolf!!

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Happy Birthday Soberwolf!!! Have an awesome day!!
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Enjoy your special day, sw!!!!

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SoberWolf, best wishes for a very Happy Birthday!

And, thanks for all the love and support you give to our members.

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