Five months and holding ...on a hair.

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Totally understand what your saying, I started taking my sobriety more serious when even I got tired of hearing my own excuses.
Catch up with you on Monday!
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Congrats on five months sober!
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Sounds to me like you may need to consider what you're actively DOING in life to support your sobriety.

For me, those type of urges signal a need to get to work on myself - to get active physically, emotionally, mentally. To write, to make a counseling appointment, to go to a meeting, to call my sponsor, to create....

We have to do more than just 'not drink' to not drink....
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5 months sober is brilliant and I'm so pleased to hear that you didn't drink and dealt with that voice.
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Hi Creek;
Just want to send you some support--

These "out of the blue" cravings seem to be a kind of cycle and it will pass
if you stay vigilant as you are now and distract yourself with some other things.

I think it would be worth the drive to Cape or wherever to get some face to face support--

You know where the drinking leads, and it isn't good
continued sobriety, however, is a new road with lots to look forward to--
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I may try an AA in a city about 45 minutes away.

Go for it!

I go to AA but I'm not a hard core member. There is an expression I've heard at many meetings, "take what you need and leave the rest." That works for me.

I remember my first AA meeting and the profound sense of relief I felt after the meeting. It was the fellowship I felt with other people struggling with alcohol, that really made me feel better. I realized I was not alone, and that the people there were not skid row bums, but by all appearances, pretty normal people. I eventually got a sponsor and worked the 12 steps mainly because I was scared to death of drinking again and decided I was going to do pretty much anything to stay sober.

For me, the 12 step process was not that profound. But the fellowship of other people, and going to meetings and hearing about how others were dealing with life without alcohol was profound.

Give it a try, it beats trying to "white knuckle" your way through each day.
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You can do this Creek, some face to face support sounds like a plan!!
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Don't give in. I had almost 7 months and then slipped, and now alcohol has slowly crept back into my life. You start thinking once in a while isn't so bad it leads to trouble. Hang on, as uncomfortable as urges can be, the alternative is worse, definitely worse.
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The longer you go without caving, the easier it gets - in every way.

Six months was a tough time for me, but then it wasn't ever as tough again after that. Don't give in, make a new pattern.
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Actually, I really like your signature Line! It speaks volumes to me and was even a big "AhhhhHaaa moment"!!!

I'am so imprisoned in my Comfort "Rut" if you will, it feels like a impossible task to change my mind set !

Comfort in the familiar I guess...but it may kill me one day.

Glad you're here Creek. Carry on with your sobriety. I need you to !

Know you have helped someone today !

...Me !!!

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I fell off the wagon at 4 months and once at 5 months, it seemed like i was all better at the four month trip, then the 5 month i thought i would have a nervous breakdown cause everyone around me had elevated moods, also had a 2.5 year sobriety that i tripped up at a wedding and stayed drunk for quit some time. seemed to me around that 4 month period was hard, even my therapist maps out the four month interval as a regular period of time for some reason. I also was forced to see a phycologist recently (face to face right) and if you find the right one like i stumbbled across, it will blow your mind.
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Glad you pushed through without drinking, Creekryder. You're far better off than if you'd gone to get that beer. Keep up the good work you've been doing since December.
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Inspiring! You made it through...That means I can do it too. Thanks.
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