Hyper aware of those drink around me

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Hyper aware of those drink around me

I think I have a gotten a super power since I became sober 2 years ago. I can instantly tell when someone has had a drink, taken a pill, is hungover, etc. I can tell when texting with someone, when on the phone with someone and when in person. It is a gift because I can tell when I need to get away from someone but it's also a course because there are some people around me who continue to lie about their drinking (my mother) and I would rather just not know. Anyone else have this super power?

Speaking of my mother, I have begun to pray to the higher ups for me to have peace with her. I don't care that she is killing herself with alcohol, I just pray that I am at peace with her. Unfortunately it's not an option to completely exclude her from my life but I rarely see or talk to her. She at least hides the drinking in front of me. Which is annoying because I know what she is up to but it's the only way she can be considerate of me because her disease is just so bad.

It's great to sober! Thanks for always being there to listen!!
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Yeah, I've noticed a huge uptick in my awareness of intoxicated folks as well.

It mostly hones me in on my gratitude I'm not in their place.

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Yup I can see many signs of what I was in people.
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No, I really don't look for it and I really don't notice. But, I don't think I have anyone in my life who drinks and lies about it.
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It used to bother me and I used to see it everywhere but it Doesnt bother me any more. I am glad for those who can enjoy it and figure the ones with problems are on their own path and it is going to look different then mine
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Thanks! I hope that one day I will be oblivious to it all.
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I used to be...but I rarely notice now - only if someone is obnoxious with it.

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