Hey-- 1 week 4 days in.

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Hey-- 1 week 4 days in.

So I still have a constant upset stomach and sugar cravings. The sugar thing is weird for me because I used to be a sugar fiend but wasn't at all the last 4-5 years which coincides with my starting to drink regularly. I attributed it at the time to working out a lot-- I liked salty stuff--and bar food kinds of stuff...revelation...
Sleeps gotten better although I have my moments of being tense and just wanting to break stuff in the evening ... ordered some chamomile tea for those nights today plus some ginger candy to kill 2 birds with one stone. People say the sugar thing tapers off-- I hope so! I did dig out some old ginger capsules, and helpful spices like cumin, ginger, and ordered some cumin seed supp online today to see if it will help my stomach. I find sitting in a jacuzzi with the jets on my stomach helps too. And the sauna. I'm curious if anyone else has found the sauna to help maybe speed recovery...
I haven't been tempted to drink but I think about it a lot. Driving by the liquor store I want to go get some vodka I feel sad sometimes about giving it up completely but then I remind myself it's because it is an addiction and my body wants me to do it. It's hard because it is everywhere and everything purveys it to be enjoyable...I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to really relax again --being so tired I'm nodding off watching tv doesn't count!
there just doesn't seem to be anything positive so far with the quitting although I know in the long run it wil pay off. I dunno- I have lost weight, but with the new sugar thing I don't know how long that will last, I'm 47 and my skin broke out (because of the sugar thing) and that hasn't happened in years, I have constant stomach pain, and I'm so tired, even though I have been sleeping better the last few nights anyway without waking up for hours at a time. I'm trying to do stuff I like like watch movies, to counter balance all the yuck right now and that helps but I feel a little guilty knowing I could be doing dishes or laundry instead. I hope thing take a turn for the better soon...
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I'm glad to hear you've have 11 days sober. That's great. I think if you have constant stomach pains you really should talk to your dr. Good plan on looking for things you like to do with your free time.
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Almost 700 years sober
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Congrats on your 11 days
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Hi BlueFairy. Huge congrats on 11 days and I hope that you start to feel better real soon.
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11 Days is fantastic BlueFairy!! Keep it going!!
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Congrats on 11 days BlueF. Go easy on yourself when it comes to chores and the sugar cravings.

The sugar cravings will reduce with time, the chores... well, that's up to you.

Great job on staying strong.
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Congratulations on 11 days BlueFarie.

The sugar cravings do taper off slowly
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I would defiantly recommend seeing your doctor regarding the pain.

The sugar is desire is probably due to the way the body handles alcohol by turning it into sugar with the result it’s wanting it’s fix. A lot of years ago in AA it was recommended to have sugar based drinks and snacks to help overcome the desire to drink, it usually helped using it in moderation.

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Congratulations on 11 days! Yes, your body has some adjusting to do, but things will get better and you can get through it!
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I have a sauna in my basement and I felt it helped me a lot in my first few months. It was a place I could go and **** the door to clear my mind while sweating out plenty of nasty toxins I had built up over the years.

The sugar cravings will subside and as other have said that comes from your body being used to all the booze which turns to sugar you have been feeding it.

Give it time I did not really start to notice major changes until after month 2.
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11 days is a great start on a sober life.

Don't leave before the miracle happens.

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Thanks for your responses. My stomach seems to be calming, if it doesn't keep improving or gets worse I'll go to the Dr. The sugar thing already seems to be abating some--it was just so weird to go from not wanting it at all to-boy that sounds good!
Now I'm just dealing with the remnants of my life, trying to find out how much the alcohol was responsible for and what percent just crazy I am. At the moment life without alcohol even though it brought the crazy front and center just seems vast and boring. I don't even know where to start picking up the pieces--it just seems completely hopeless and I feel I've done all I can. Unless sobriety brings miracles and superpowers. I do know in a way I am glad that this all happened because I would have never got to the point to eliminate alcohol from my life entirely. I always flirted with it, didn't drink at all when the kids were growing up, had alcoholism in my family so was afraid of it. At least now I know it is something that is not for me.
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The thing is you were craving it before, you were getting it in booze form. Booze is sugar.
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Congrats on 11 days!! That's soo great!!!
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