Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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Is there room for a small one on the Sober Bus ...... and if so do you think they'd move up a bit so I can get on??

After 6 weeks sober Feb-mid March I've gone off the rails resulting in a train crash last night so I need a new mode of transport.

Off to doctors this morning (transportation method 'by foot') to 'fess up to alcohol misuse and possibly depression.

So I NEED a sober weekend.
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I'm glad you've decided to come clean with your doctor, Virginia.

Last night I went to a concert called "Jazz on the Lake" that my son played in. He played one number with his main instrument, the sousaphone, but spent the rest of the concert on bass trombone.

I was shocked at how good a high school jazz band could be! They were excellent. They did a medley of Blues Brothers tunes, and for the first chorus of "Soul man," my son played a solo. He was right on. Trombones were highlighted often in the songs; it astonishes me that a whole group of them can play flawlessly in unison!

My favorite song of the evening was definitely a shortened version of "Moanin," by Charles Mingus. Those kids were all shockingly good!

My son looked very cool up there on stage with his shades and goatee!

It was just a great evening overall. The weather was sunny and 72 F (22 C). The only snag was that there was a bit of a breeze which blew people's music off the stands at various points. At one point an elegant dragonfly landed on my sweater (I love dragonflies: they don't sting, and they are so delicate--fearfully and wonderfully made!).

As I drove away, I saw my favorite neighborhood bird, a great blue heron, flapping low and languidly across the road to the pond.

Overall a wonderful evening!

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That bell or bike person
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Virginawoof ,
welcome along
Those 6 weeks haven't disappeared, they prove you can do this for a decent amount of time if you keep yourself in the right kinda mental place .
It's real hard being in that stage where you know you want to change but you get blind-sided by things getting out of control .

Keep on getting back up , don't give in and keep getting and asking for help , this thing will kill you if it gets the chance and needs to be top priority . Glad you're here

Morning all ,

friday friday , lets take it easy , just get through , it's just another day in the week to get through , nothing special , it's worth protecting our sobriety for one night , staying home and being safe , going to a meeting , whatever works to get you through ..

Fridays are miserable without alcohol ? well that is a limiting thought , fridays can be fun without drink , a lot more fun without drink for those of us with alcohol problems .

A great life in sobriety is yours for the making, it will take some time and some effort, drink and drugs are the only things that offer an "instant hit" followed by feeling like rubbish for day(s) for no effort .
A night enjoyed in sobriety pays on the night but also keeps giving good vibes for days after, so it's gotta be better right ?

bestwishes , m
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We're 7 pages in already?! Wow, I need to do some catching up!

So pleased to see everyone here. I'm off to a meeting in an hour and looking forward to going outside in the sunshine :-)
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A simple guy making his way
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Wow... that so great to read Gilmer. Your son sounds cool and like he had fun too!

Always good to be honest with the doctor VW. I am about everything.

I normally never have meetings on a friday. This week I had none on a monday (very odd) and a packed house today. Oh well.

After work we are taking a new guy out. He is from Minsk and will work remote. He is here to learn and meet everyone. Nice guy. Thick accent. You Vill Comply! No risk of drinking. I will swoop in and out so quick! Super Weasel!

Off to work. Need to catch up but probably not until tonight.

I have been so focused on work stuff that I have absolutely no clue what the weather will be this weekend. Guess it's time to look up a bit.

Fat day!

Stay strong to all out newest... and our old timers.

Mr. Behan? Doing ok? Stress of a baby not getting to you?


Solarion ?

I wish ArtFriend would stop by!!! She can use our love about now and we have open arms!
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Wow Gilmer, sounds like you had a marvellous evening. You must be proud of your son!

Thanks K - I'm stressed, but trying to deal with it. Glad I'm not drunk or hungover!!

Right, back to work!!!!

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I am off on a weekend vacation to Maggie Valley N.C Vacations always a trigger,but not this time. I am on the bus with my seatbelt on tight.
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Good morning. It actually not raining right now! I'm only going to let it rain if it thunderstorms.
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Peppermintpatty you got this.
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Nice job on the bus rental this week, Weasel!

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Hears The Voice
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Happy Friday Morning!

I have the day off today, but that's more of a concept than a reality these days. I'm trying to get a business venture off the ground, so having a day off means I get to work on the things I want to work on instead of going to my job.

Meeting at the bank later this morning. Need to clean up the house, too. Mrs. Non has been at a conference all week and is returning this evening. The kitchen seems to have stopped cleaning itself in her absence, so I guess I will have to do it myself. After the dishwasher stops you just put the bowls and plates and stuff back in the cabinets, right?
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I'm in
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That's correct Nons.
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I'm in! Mr B keeps hoping I'll jump off the bus but it's not happening. Love getting up early feeling, what's the word, normal? Pain free, clear mind, without anxiety or shame or self-recriminations. Why would I give that up?

Love a full bus, so much energy, humor, and encouragement here. Have a great sober day fellow passengers.
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In the dentists waiting room (I know every square inch)

That's great about your son Gilmer. Someone told me once that trombone was one of the hardest instruments to learn as there are no stops, frets or keys to select from.
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Yes, it's "analog," so your pitch depends on the accuracy of your ear.
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Good to hear from everyone this AM!

Virginia - you'll get through this. It's super smart to be honest and open with the doctor. Also, it's really hard to bring up depression, so it's good you're doing so! I remember thinking "am I really so down in the dumps that I have to tell my doctor? Maybe I'm just sad, everyone gets sad. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing? " -- long story short, I'm glad I came clean and you will be too. You're not alone.

Glimer - that's awesome to hear about your son's Jazz Band. I've been into jazz for about 20 years, ever since I took a "Big Bands" class in college and heard Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and Dave Brubek! Sounds like a great outdoor venue. It's so great to hear about young people who are following their passions, what a great and healthy activity for your son. And it sounds like he's talented too!

Peppermint Patty - you'll get through this, but old haunts can be tricky. If you're surrounded by other people who are drinking, I'd suggest trying to find some space alone during those times. I'm sure it's a beautiful area, so maybe instead of hanging with others during Happy Hour on the deck, you can take a walk or find some outdoor space to explore nature a bit? Just a thought. We're here to chat if you have internet!

Nons - keep doing what you're doing. Sounds like you've got a nice little plan mapped out and it's starting to go places. ^Virtual fist bump^

We had a small earthquake last night at about 4am. Woke me up but I didn't get out of bed. Came down this morning to find that one of my shelves in the kitchen came loose and when I opened the cupboard to grab my coffee cup, it came crashing down. It's kind of hanging by a thread (or a few screws) and it's really high up so I can't do anything to fix it just now. Gotta get my butt to work. Ciao for now!

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Beautiful, Gilmer!

Happy Friday Sober Enders!!
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Hears The Voice
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Strange forces are at work in the universe today. My spool of Teflon tape was exactly where I thought it would be.
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Ruby, I could only get through about 4 minutes of 'moanin' until I started moanin myself. However, Dave Brubeck I could listen to all day.

So much going on and glad to see the seats are filling up. I'm feeling aches and pains from the yard work. I decided to section it out and work clockwise around the house. Or somewise as long as I keep going.
Breakfast complete - typical farmers b-fast. Mrs is getting her hour nap before she has to go "back to school" - last day. It's cool they did a prep course for the nurse boards for all the 'grads'.

Since we are into 'jazz' this morning, thought I would throw in something a little different. From a favorite album of mine...

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