Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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Count me in! Day 10 and counting here. Glad to see everyone again!
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Count me in Weekenders!!
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That bell or bike person
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Everyone is welcome to post and say hello on the weekender thread , something to say or not something to say .. the newcomers area is safe and welcoming , just dive in and say hello

let's just get through as best we can till monday morning , 9:45 am on friday NZST i hope all our friends there are ready to deal with this evening .

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Originally Posted by Leshar View Post
Hello Casey, pop in to the July 13 thread sometime, we miss you.
Sending you good wishes.
Appreciate the kind words. I look at the July 13 thread every now and then but, I don't know, too embarrassed to post in there for now. Glad to see so many still hanging strong in my original class.
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I'm in.

Busy weekend ahead. I have the day off work tomorrow to attend my friends wedding. She said "you deserve a bit of fun and I hope you have a nice time!" I am getting my nails done in the morning as a treat.

Actually this is the first non-family wedding that I've ever been invited to, and it's also the first one that I'm not completely dreading. Funny that...

My brother and his wife are arriving home on Saturday for my Grandmothers big birthday party on Sunday. I can't believe she will be 90 years old! Amazing! When she was sick last year my dad and I were sitting with her for a while in the hospital. My dad turned to her and said: "aren't you amazing? In your whole life you never ever smoked or drank". And she looked at him and replied: " well, when we first got married I had no money for that sort of thing. And as the years went by, I had no time".

That's something to think about right there...
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Hey hey sober team! Welcome to the new folks. Chime in like M says!

Finally home from work and settled. Sunny relaxing evening. Made a really tasty caprese salad... But added crumbled sausage and bow tie pasta fresh basil and diced tomato with garlic... Oh boy... Was having a fat day.

The working out is great but I gained a few pounds. Cannot be sure that's not the good stuff and not the bad stuff. I feel good. That's the real purpose I workout. So a few pounds is just that.

BigS great pic!

I caught BDay wishes for MB but I need to catch MM!

Food truck festival Saturday... Also a kite festival. I think I will pass on the trucks as I am sure it will be drinky.... Kites seem safer and more fun. I had my kite up to the end of my 500 ft string. Was so much fun to fly.

Exchanged my new sneakers... They ones I had make a squeezing sound as I walk... My coworker said at least I don't sound like I am walking in heels. Hmmmm. I was just not sure what to say to that. Was rather funny though.

Sober on people! Sober on!
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STILL raining here (not so hard though). Does Noah have a website? May need to order an Ark

Even the drug dealers by St Leonards Church have gone (the Bells of Shoreditch, mentioned in the nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons' are in the steeple). Most unusual
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Great pic BigS you did really well to catch in flight and in focus.

Did manage to snap a bit of new life on the canal this week. Not a very good photo I'm afraid as it was just from my mobile phone, also I did not want to get too close and scare them
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How sweet!! Not padding Brain I really think they are adorable!
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Originally Posted by saoutchik View Post
STILL raining here (not so hard though). Does Noah have a website? May need to order an Ark
The plans are in a book somewhere.

Cool picture.
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a good old oldie

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I am in ... Weather finally perfect ... May go for hike
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Don't say hike. I had a stomping, irrational, fevered fit today. I was thinking of a 3 day weekend coming up, and a backpacking trip. OOOOooooo three days, a paid day off, a quiet weekend in the mountains, and

I've got golf tournaments scheduled.
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Count me in!
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I wish you all a fine day and evening, here on the 5th page already. I hope everyone is well.

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Hello weekenders! Hope everyone's doing well and gearing up for a pleasant sober weekend.

I am SO excited, I found a new bubbly drink! Honestly, there should be a sticky here with a list of our fave non-alcoholic drinks. So the drink is ginger beer, and it has a very nice spicy kick to it. Below is the one I tried. It's a bit sweet for my taste but I'll be on the lookout for other brands. Any recommendations?
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Dinner eaten, chess duties done for the evening (playing 8 or 9 online correspondence chess games where each player gets up to three days per move), off for iced tea and some comic books by way of Marvel Unlimited on my tablet. The artwork has certainly evolved since I was last a regular reader of comics in the late 1980s -- the linework, amount of detail and sophisticated coloring these days are fantastic!
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...holds the key
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Is ginger beer the same as ginger ale?

Trach.....take your backpack golfing and hike the course instead of using the cart....ta-da! You really CAN have it all!

I'm drooling over the asparagus talk! How tall are they supposed to be anyway? I've never considered planting them before but I'm adding them to my garden wish list!

Hi buggirl and behan!
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Count me in!

Will be a challenge as I'll be out of town all weekend at my brother's bachelor party. Not exactly an ideal sober setting.

I've already told my brother that I was having bad allergies and wasn't planning on mixing Claritin with booze. I didn't tell him I'm actually trying to get sober, but at least the expectation is that I won't be drinking.

My brother isn't much of a drinker, but I know some of his friends are and being out of town and sharing hotel rooms with them will make alcohol very much present.

I know that I can go and have a great time while sober. I know that I need to approach it with the mindset that it will be better with no booze and that I'm not being punished by not drinking.

Day 22 for me here and just one night of drinking since Feb 18th, when I drank way too much and woke up in the hospital
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Originally Posted by brynn View Post
Is ginger beer the same as ginger ale?
No! Very different taste.
Ginger beer is actually brewed and fermented while ginger ale is essentially a carbonated beverage made from water and ginger. Ginger beer often has much more of a "gingery" flavor and because it's fermented, is less carbonated.
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