Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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BD84 is in. Hey I might remember a Friday night.
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Hears The Voice
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What the....
It's not even 9:30 and I don't get in until page 3?

Buckle up, friends, this is going to be one helluva ride! WOOT!
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I'm ready!
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MesaMan, happy late birthday! You can be shogun.

Just keep track of the library books, Brain. Then they should be free. I've had to pay my share of late fees. Those darn kids!

At work. Grrrr!! Time to plan vacation days.
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That bell or bike person
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special hello to all those under 100 posts ,

Keep on guys , shout out if you need it , although you're welcome to post anywhere in the newcomers area remember sometimes it might be good to post a new thread in the main newcomers area to get help and attention before you might drink and to get some support as this thread moves along fast and we'd all hate for you to feel like you got overlooked

also some people find the weekender a bit boring to wade through when looking to give help to people ,

Otherwise, lets do this . 100+ ers too welcome along … brmmm brumm "more room up top " pass down the bus please ,

Chicken soup made , garlic , rice , onion , stock , sage , mmmm feeling like i'm giving myself a big hug ..

Got paperwork to sort out but i can do it tomorrow . Time to lay low and wallow in the golden glow of people on SR working hard on healing their lives and themselves .

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Happy almost weekend everyone!

I bought a used I pod on E bay, and download audio-books for from the library! Great way to pass time while driving.....
and the really good part is they don't have to be returned, so no fines!
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Happy bleated (typo and it stays! ) birthday, MM!

I'm in.
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I'm in. Day 7 today. Weekends aren't a particular worry for me. Being in the restaurant/bar business for years, I tended to do a lot of my drinking Mon-Wed after the busy work weekend was over, but days 9-11 have often been a rough spot in previous stabs at sobriety. Since those days are quickly coming up this weekend, I need all the support I can get. Thanks for letting me on the bus!
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Do your best
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Im in although im not riding roof today i think il take a seat this week

Thanks Weasel
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Count me in!
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Happy belated birthday Mesaman!
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
The first time I drugged on a Tuesday was a shock to me.
I'm shocked you were able to wait until Tuesday! I remember "Monday Night Football" being a great excuse for me to start binge drinking on Mondays. I'd think to myself: "tons of other people are out drinking and watching this game, why can't I?" Of course, by the time Wednesday rolled around I was already starting to hit the bottle hard because "The Weekend" was almost here. I'd often be so bombed "celebrating" the weekend that I never even made it out of the house on Saturday nights. Was passed out cold by 6pm.

The weekends these days are far better! What are we going to do? What are we going to accomplish? How will we enrich our lives? What kind of peaceful, relaxing, exciting, or intense activities will we enjoy and remember this weekend? All great questions! Welcome newbies, and good to see everyone!
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Oh, for goodness sake.

in on post #53. Love to everyone.

CaseyW, Day 9 was my worst day, by far. I ended up walking for several hours to keep from hitting the bar.

I made it and I know you will too. Stick with us! I was sober for many years while working in the restaurant biz. It makes it so much easier to get to work on time.
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It's a long weekend in Canada and I'm feeling very lonely, my friends are all with their families. I thought I'd check in here. I'm not coping well with chronic loneliness. I go to AA meetings just to be with others.
Hope all are ok.
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Hello Casey, pop in to the July 13 thread sometime, we miss you.
Sending you good wishes.
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Mex - you sound a lot better than earlier.

Welcome everyone new and old. After driving around the blockS several times to find a place to park that won't cost too much (free) - I forgot quarters - I discover I could park for free in the library lot. The four block walk didn't hurt, beautiful day here. It is gated but you get a token... I got the 2 I went for plus 2 more AND a music CD of Bill Monroe's Definitive collection. By the time I got home the CD was already uploaded onto the jeeps hard drive. Now there is a thought. Borrow CDs and load em onto the car's hard drive. >>>FREE TUNES!

I am debating whether to order 3 or 4 yards of mulch. Lot's to do around the place. work-work-work-work-work...

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Oh and happy b-day midnight!

LB - this is the song I think of when I hear "midnight blue"....80's!

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I got your Garage Door Story right here...

A couple of free 'Old School' Garage Door Openers came with our weekend Mountain House. So, after we bought it circa '96, I installed one.

WELL, unlike ones today, they didn't have a scrambled, secure Radio Signal from the lil Transmitter Thingy.

Meanwhile, due a 'slow' 410'-deep Well in Hard Rock, I designed and put in an Automated Cistern to store lotsa Water for weekends. 2 - 265 Gallon Tanks. A Pressure Tank [the red cylinder]. Circuitry to fill and and sense the Tank levels, but not overflow. Worked flawlessly. Plus, the Listing Realtor kicked me ~$1,000- to pay for all Components.

Well, of all the times for Mister Murphy and his Law to bite me on the Buttocks, the Garage Door opened spontaneously in February while we weren't there. Mebbe someone driving by using a CB Radio got me. Or, a Storm Outage. Never knew what happened. At -20 F Degrees at night. Both Cistern Tanks plumbed in parallel froze solid, and fell over. Ripped out all my Plumbing. Left this mess on the Garage Floor about like the Deck of the 'Titanic'.

Nothing got into the House. After some panic, I realized just letting everything melt and run out under the Garage Doors was the answer, since the Floor sloped slightly that direction. Re-Plumbed everything, and called it a day.

We now unplug the Garage Door Opener 100% of the time.-)

See Music below. All the Sheep we've seen over in Scotland kinda dovetail to Gilmer's comment about my 'bleated' Birthday. Hee hee, many thanks!

'This aging [Guano] is getting old'! ~ Me

- 'Oh The Water' ~ Van Morrison ~ Pictures Of Scotland -

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I got my ticket to ride.
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Mec, that soup sounds lovely. Maybe a pot of chicken soup is in order this weekend.

It's cold here today. Warmer tomorrow. Maybe yard work this weekend.
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