Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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That bell or bike person
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I have counted 12 sunflowers growing in the garden , sown last year when i shook the old sunflower head all over the garden
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Originally Posted by CaseyW View Post
I'm in. Day 7 today. Weekends aren't a particular worry for me. Being in the restaurant/bar business for years, I tended to do a lot of my drinking Mon-Wed after the busy work weekend was over, but days 9-11 have often been a rough spot in previous stabs at sobriety. Since those days are quickly coming up this weekend, I need all the support I can get. Thanks for letting me on the bus!
Day seven is brilliant! Yay!
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Hears The Voice
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Good Morning Sobrinators! Good to see the bus so full (again) this weekend.

Mrs.Non returned from her business trip last night. My son has taken a summer internship in Florida and he leaves later this morning. But first - one of my favorite things - a BIG FAMILY BREAKFAST. Yours truly is about to get his bacon on!

After that it's another yard work day for me. The azaleas have lost their blooms, so it's time to trim them back.

Be well all!
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Gettin' his bacon on! Go Nons.

I'm about to mwave some for a bacon sammich on the road to a golf tournament. What's better than bacon?

Clue: Nuttin'
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What would Batman do?
Hopefully let me take the
B'mobile for a test drive.
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Any mention of Batman and I remember that commercial with the knocked unconscious football player...

"Do you know where you are?"

"Sure, coach! NYCity!"

"Do you know who you are?"

"Sure, coach! I'm Batman!"
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Hi everybody. Have a sober weekend!
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Good morning, day, and/or evening!
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Enjoying the bus ride. Beautiful in the mountains with no hangover. I will not drink today
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There is actually a site dedicated to bacon
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I ate bacon last night. Today for dinner it will be sausage and Taylor Pork Roll.

Did somebody mention George Thorogood?

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Car cleaned inside and out. Bottles recycled. Groceries purchased and stowed away. All before 1pm! That's a record!
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Good morning sober bus family.
Lunar I have a nondisclosure form you can use. I'd like to know myself.
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Welp ~

No Bacon on these premises just yet, so tasty Italian Sausage might have to fill in. We'll see as the morning goes on, and absolutely nuffin' happens. Lazy day thus far. I can hear Da Pooch upstairs, yelping in a dream. Even he ain't in no rush to get up.

Recommissioned the Sprinklers yesterday, since I'd drained the System during a cold snap ~1 week ago. Painted some metal Stair Railings. Mucked around with my lil Utility Trailer. Picked up some Dog Bombs. Dodged a hellacious Thunderstorm at the Dog Park. Rejoiced in not having washed my Truck, since Ma Nature did it for me, sans Quarters. The Hail that came down maxed out at around frozen Pea size. Not big enough to Remo the Truck, as I had happen many years ago to my SUV. Vehicle Cellulite. Really trashed it that time. People pulled off the Road in front of where I worked to drive up on the Lawn, and get under some huge, old Trees for protection. As that space filled up, it was quite the spectacle to watch Drivers jockey for under-Tree space.

So, let's ease into Sober Saturday with a germane question from 'The Fabulous Thunderbirds', and a vintage Pic of the Batmobile, as mentioned by lunar.

- 'Why Get Up?' ~ The Fabulous Thunderbirds ~ Live -
Attached Images
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Batmobile.jpg (36.6 KB, 38 views)
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Woww...behan...come give me a hand with my list of chores. I have to a least vacuum the dog hair out of my car.
It's a rainy day here...that's OK but I'm not ssure how it will effect my volunteer work activities which are mainly outside. I will pick up my 7 year old charge and wing it. May end up in a museum.
Ok...I better get a dog walk in before it rains.
Have a happy, sober, hangover free day!!
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One Day At A Time
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Happy Sober Day! Loving that this Saturday morning, the whole house is still peacefully sleeping....I'm the first one up, and without a hangover and an imaginary hammer bashing my skull. Wow, did I hate those mornings. Thank you SR for your inspiration.
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Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
I'm at my friend's wedding. This is actually the most enjoyable wedding I have been at, probably since none of my family are here. I have also discovered that it's better to be on the dance floor with your friends, then necking wine in the corner and being a wallflower. Dance on people!!
Yes! It sounds like you're having a great time :-)
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I'm hoping to make that pile of mulch disappear today. It's forcing me to 'clean up' spaces. Made brekky for the pair. Dressed in my working man's pants. Mrs took her place under the covers.
I found this - inspired by Mr MM - as I was looking for the brothers playing.

I realized I have a collection of every one of the artists playing in this clip, with the exception of Jimmie Vaughan. Just one T-birds disc and "Family Style". I've always been a fan/student of the blues.
Have a great Saturday all.

Jimmie Vaughan, BB King & Clapton pay tribute to SRV...
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Originally Posted by JaneLane View Post
Yes! It sounds like you're having a great time :-)
I would say so. That would be 14 hours going strong - a dance marathon Tetra?

I missed the Lonesome George post. I got to thinking, I saw BB King in Orlando in 1983 at a club. I had a chance to see SRV for FREE at Pier 39 in SF but missed it for something stupid that involved a lot of drinking. I was standing in the front of the stage for George Thorogood at the Concord Pavilion in 84 and later BB King and George together at the Pacific Amp. Wow, also saw T Petty at Pac Amp.

I remember some of it.

Now, going to concerts is an entirely different experience. I actually listen to the music.
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Good morning everyone! Good to see what everyone's doing. Gymnastics class shortly then sorting, I think. Raining off and on here so no yard work.

Saoutchik, I love the canal pics and Mec, that village looks lovely. As Verte said, a good place for walks.

Time to roll.
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