Day 4 is 4 hours away

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Day 4 is 4 hours away

I'm nervous about so much right now. My stomach is hurting. I'm still obsessing over every ache or pain and convincing myself I got this disease or that disease. Day 4 is almost here and I still feel mental and physical strain.

Can binge drinkers who limit their binge drinking to twice a week while abstaining the other 5 days destroy their liver?
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Hang in there. Everyone's body is different, but generally speaking, it's well known day 2 & 3 are the roughest for withdrawals. Give it some more time, and it'll get better.

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While it's certainly possible to destroy our livers, most of us have found the damage was not as bad as we feared - it is even reversible in some cases

aches and pains are very normals, and thinking the worst is pretty common too

are you planning to see a Dr? It may help to put your mind at rest?

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The best thing is that you quit, it's true everyone is different. Give it some time and you will feel better.
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If you're worried about the physical affects of drinking, can you see a doctor? If you can, I'd recommend it highly because even if you don't have anything wrong, we are pretty good about neglecting our bodies until something actually goes wrong. A thorough screening couldn't hurt and would set your mind at ease.

That said, the first week or so of quitting was pretty filled with anxiety and fear about my health for me. Googling symptoms only added to that. Don't consult doctor Google. Take care of yourself. Eat, rest, sleep when you're tired. Just get through it. Don't drink. The fear of what if something's wrong sent me insanely back to the bottle a number of times. On to day 4. Good job.
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Keep on hanging in there Scared. I agree with everyone that it may help to see your doctor. It will also help put your mind at ease.
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I felt horrible days 3 and 4 but then started to feel much better.

I agree w/ others to see a doc if you can, but meanwhile
stay hydrated and hopeful and realize you never have to feel this way again. . .
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