Newly Sober, Really want to Prevent Relapse

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Newly Sober, Really want to Prevent Relapse

Hi Everyone,
I have a sort of dilemma that I wanted to post about and ask anyone if they have gone through something similar. I was sober for most of 2014 after learning that I was pregnant. I did not drink my entire pregnancy. Before I became pregnant I was constantly drinking beer every day just to get through the day and also to help me if I got a panic attack. I would need to drink at least 2 beers just to pick up my daughter from school. I am a very shy person and when I am sober, I start sweating, blushing and act generally nervous around people. Anyway, after i had my baby I stayed sober for 12 days. On the 12th day I got really drunk because of a fight with my husband where he took off and left me alone with our newborn. I tried so hard not to drink but I was sleep-deprived and delirious. My current problem is having panic attacks and anxiety while trying to quit. I barely drink, maybe just a beer or two every few days, but I really want to stop. Can anyone give me any tips on how to stop panic attacks quickly. I usually breathe in deeply and it will stop, but I can't stand to feel my heart racing and beating out of my chest. I literally feel like I'm going to die and it scares me. Any helpful advice would be much appreciated. Also, just to clarify: I am not breastfeeding. I would never harm my daughters. I just really can't stand panic attacks and anxiety and it drives me to drink. As of now, I have not had a drink in a week.
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I think I would consult a doctor or a psychologist. Mindful meditation has helped many people with anxiety but it's not a quick silver bullet fix. I would certainly try it if there is a reason you can't see a doctor.
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I used to work in a DV hot line and we would use grounding exercises. I couldn't find a good link tho. Grounding exercises are things that bring you into the present moment (sounds counter Intuitive for panic , I know). But it isnt like meditating and breathing it's about noticing your physical surroundings . So placing hands under running water. Looking ariund your hiuse and stating the colors of things, making lists (bands, sports teams, foods, whatever ). Im going to try to find a good link for an article
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Can't find a link - but we used the method by Lisa najavits. If this doesn't help for you don't despair! !there r lots of resources and help out there bc a lot of us need different things!
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Welcome to the Forum Vera!!
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I used to have panic attacks and general anxiety all the time... I really thought something was wrong with me and didn't connect it to drinking until way later. Drinking strips your body of vitamins and minerals, so on a whim, I started taking a high quality B vitamin (I use Vitamin Code Raw B Complex), and fish oil (I use Barlean's). I really feel this has helped greatly, as I haven't had any panic attacks for years now. Sometimes I feel anxiety and then I realize I've forgotten to take my vitamins for several days! I also used to take GABA... but it was too much of a downer for me, but worked great for my friend who would wake up in the morning with horrid anxiety. She swears by it. Worth a shot!
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Counseling might be helpful for your anxiety. Is that a possibility?
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Vera, I have two books which have helped me a lot. They are full of helpful information on how to deal with panic attacks:

From Panic to Power by Lucinda Bassett
When Panic Attacks by David Burns MD

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and I'm glad you want to stop drinking.
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