Nightmares and Night Sweats

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Nightmares and Night Sweats

I've had nightmares and night sweats every night since becoming sober 3 weeks ago.
I think I understand the point of the nightmares. The main themes are basically what I was self-medicating for. I'm seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist to help with this.
The night sweats are so bad that I soak through my clothes and sheets and have to change them in the middle of the night.
I've read that nightmares and night sweats are normal when detoxing, but when will it get better?
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3 weeks seems like an awful long time.

I don't mean to be rude, but are you by chance overweight? How is your diet? Do you get lots of leafy greens? If they're still continuing after 3 weeks, then your body is most probably still aggressively fighting something. May want a check up at the doctor.
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You're not being rude at all. That's why I'm checking in about it. I am overweight, however I never had night sweats before quitting alcohol. I'm eating a balanced diet. I haven't been going to the gym, though, because I've been tired and achey since quitting. I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks, so I'll definitely bring it up to him. Thank you for your honesty.
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I didn't experience nightmares but I had night sweats almost nightly at first. Then periodically for a few months. It will subside over time. It certainly is a pain in the butt though.
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I hope that the nightmares and night sweats will clear up soon. It sounds like you're taking care of yourself by seeing a therapist and going to your dr. Congratulations on 3 weeks sober.
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Yeah, general rule of thumb is maximum of 10 days for the major physical withdrawal symptoms to subside, and generally I think for most people it's only around 5 days or so.

After that there's months or years of other stuff that goes on, but the major physical symptoms like you described should generally be gone within 10 days max, so there's a chance it's something other than the alcohol withdrawals causing it. Maybe you just have a vitamin deficiency of some kind, or who knows. Again, general check up with a doctor would probably be a wise decision.

EDIT: heh, or have you been cheating, and sneaking a couple drinks here and there? If so, then that's probably what's causing it.
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A lot of strange things can occur in early recovery - physically, emotionally, mentally.... it's a turbulent time and the number of things, the ways they can manifest, the types and duration of symptoms are as varied and innumerable as the ways that we experienced addiction.

It's good you're seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. That is a positive step in addressing whatever is going on. If you're concerned physcially - consider getting a full physical and being honest with your doctor about your history so you can clear your mind of any significant concerns about your physical condition.

Apart from that, I suggest being patient.... having compassion for yourself... being open and honest with your therapist and working with the dreams by writing them down and simply allowing them to be and to speak to you.

It will ease up... things will smooth out.... if you continue to stay on path with sobriety and take the steps necessary to support your growth - this will prove to be a phase of your own evolution and one that helps you uncover a deeper way of living.
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The body needs time to heal and repair, and with time things will improve.

You only have to go through this once, hang in there!!
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I had those. Had. Past tense. Took a long time, but I got through them and I no longer have those symptoms. I sleep well today! (and keep dry, too!)

Everyone is different, so we heal at different rates. I thought of these symptoms as my brain and body adjusting back to "normal."
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