Are Sunday nights difficult for anyone else?

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Are Sunday nights difficult for anyone else?

I am going to an AA meeting up the street at 7:30. I just feel a lot of loneliness and despair. Like I don't know what to do with my hands, pacing around, etc.

What does everyone do Sunday night that helps?
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Hey Chiquen ,
Sundays were always pacing around days for me .. the last desperate chance for the AV to try and slip me up .

It gets better with time ,

I got through by distracting myself with chores , luxury hot showers , chocolate ice cream , doing what i could to de-pressurise my life one day at a time .

keep on
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Hi, Chiquen

Yes, I sometimes get upset late Sunday afternoon or evening. I did today about an hour ago. Maybe from the onset of twilight plus the knowledge that I'll have to go to bed in a few hours and then the work week starts again (even though it's not a bad job as jobs go).

No promises re: what might help, but I go outside frequently during the evening and breathe that in (surrounded by trees and other greenery in a low-traffic neighborhood). I tried some deep breathing earlier when I got home from the stores and was feeling stressed. Had a few moments of sobbing for no particular reason which eventually passed. Heated up some bean burritos for dinner because I knew they would calm me down (but of course I did put two types of salsa and some sliced jalapenos on them for some excitement!).

I also remembered to count my blessings and remind myself of a few little things I accomplished over the weekend.

I think I'll lie down for 5 or 10 minutes next. Not trying to fall asleep -- I read in one of those paleo books that somehow a brief lie-down resets the sodium/potassium balance. Anyway, I usually do that every day when I get home from work just enough to reset and freshen my brainz even if the rest of me is still tired.

Hoping this helps!
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Originally Posted by chiquen81 View Post

What does everyone do Sunday night that helps?
Me, I'm looking forward to doing nothing. Resting after a busy day, resting for a long week ahead. Will probably catch up on some shows we've DVR'd. But that's me. I'm not feeling lonely and haven't felt despair for a long time. Sorry you are.

Why don't you ask someone from AA to have coffee and desert somewhere.
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I'm sorry that you're feeling lonely and I hope you feel better after the meeting tonight.
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