Nearing 24 Hours of sobriety - shaky and sick

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Nearing 24 Hours of sobriety - shaky and sick

Hello all,
It's about 5PM Sunday afternoon, I had my last drink around 7PM last night (I think). I've been drinking heavy every day for the last 12 years, sometimes getting drunk several times a day (drink about 6 shots, go to sleep, get up and take more shots, back to sleep). I'm 36 years old, educated, and have an incredible job and an amazing wife. I haven't done anything outrageous while drinking, I won't drive drunk and I'm not an angry drunk. I HAVE to stop, i'm going to eventually get into trouble or end up dead. I would have gone to an AA meeting today but I'm too sick, shaking and sweating. I worked out twice today, I live within walking distance of the gym. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and be ready for work tomorrow. I'll check in again tomorrow, or when I next have a craving. I don't have any alcohol in the house, but I live upstairs from a bar. I desperately need help and support, my wife is in California until Thursday and I generally lose control when she's not here. Good God I'm scared.
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I hope you'll feel better and better as the days mount up heregoesnothing

I desperately need help and support, my wife is in California until Thursday and I generally lose control when she's not here.
There's no reason for you to lose it this time.

Have you thought of a recovery plan?

there's some good info there:

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Please do check in, Here. We care about you.
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Stay close to SR. And stay strong.
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Hi heregoes, I really admire your resolution. If you can get through the difficult stage and go on to long-term sobriety you'll never regrets. I made some short term goal (the first was a week, then 6 weeks, then 6 months etc) it can make the task seem less overwhelming.
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Best wishes , take care and keep in touch.
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I am also on day 1--29 and spent the weekend alone while my partner worked. I also relate to what you said about going overboard when my partner is gone...please feel free to connect. Sounds like we se are at a similar phase--I am committed to staying sober-but I know we all need support from people who understand. Hang in there at work today!
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I used to go crazy on the booze when my husband was away and smoke up a storm in the house as well. I never got into any legal trouble but that was luck more than good management. If you can, keep reading on here and go through old posts. There is something very comforting being connected with people who get it- even if it's over the net! Keep hydrated too. Good luck and hang in there.
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dOuble post

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Welcome to SR
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