Bit tired and stressed

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Bit tired and stressed

Work is really consuming my life at the moment and has been for a while, doesn't feel like I have much of a life at all and I'm not there for my partner as much as I should be.

I want to get into a better pattern of getting up earlier to start the day, and hopefully avoid the later nights.

Anyway just wanted to check in! Thanks for reading

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That sounds like a good plan, Kys.

I think that having a daily routine that helps you to accomplish your goals is a great part of recovery.
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Thank you Anna, and I hope you're well.
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Good to see you Kys!

I don't alter my patterns on the weekends as far as bedtime/awake time. Same as it is during the week. It's put a big dent in my insomnia.
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Do your best
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I totally agree with Anna
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Good to see you to NS and Soberwolf.

Yep, I'm working to a consistent routine for the week, will be a good way to bring back some balance.
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