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I'm lost! I can't stop drinking. My parter is going to leave me. My job is on the line! But when I'm shaking and paranoid with anxiety I cannot stop myself from taking another drink. I am powerless!!! I feel disgusting!
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Welcome Liz!

When I couldn't stop drinking, I went to an in-patient detox for a week. I needed to be away from alcohol, and medical supervision is always a good idea when quitting.
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I agree. I went to rehab because I needed it. They will safely detox you. Best decision I've ever made.
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I did the same thing. Detox put me on the right path.
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Welcome to SR Liz - SR really helped me turn my life around - I know we can help you too
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My shakes, paranoid and anxiety were all manageable. I found AA and SR to be very helpful with the support of my husband. However we are all different, different backgrounds, different stories and different alcoholic intake that brought us to feel our lives where not manageable. Read through some of the threads and find what you think will work best for your situation, medical supervised detox maybe the right choice for you but only you and your partner can make that decision. We will be here with support for you whenever you need it.

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Glad you are here! You are in a great place here!
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I'm on day 2, not feeling great ... but I know I will soon. Unfortunately I have been down this road too many times. The worst withdrawal I ever had was when I had audible hallucinations a few years ago. That only happened once, it was really scary. I went into a detox and rehab facility. Two years sober and here I am on day 2, but I am sober right now and that is all that matters. I have the power and so do you. Take care of yourself , it does get better and that's what I am on my way back to.
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Hi Liz, welcome to SR.

I, too was powerless over alcohol. I believe most of us was on this forum.

Firstly ,and for me personally, you have got to want to stop. Not because your family and friends want you to or life is falling around you. Us Addicts have to want to stop for ourselves.

I know, that's the crux, it's not that easy, so much easier to fall in that deep well of oblivion.

Your choice. To stop drinking or carry on drinking. Once you've made that decision, your first step begins.

If it's to stop drinking, that's fantastic. You're life will change from this point.

It won't be easy to begin with but if you don't drink you will not turn to it for a crutch.

From this day on , this forum can help you along with any other help you may need, your doctor, councillor.

Read some of the experiences here, it helps to know there are others going through the same problems in their lives.

I also was surprised how much drink caused most of my problems, paranoia, stress to name some and although they didn't leave me immediately I stopped the booze, I can cope so much better without it.
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I and many felt the same and the reason for me is I’m an alcoholic and cannot drink one day at a time in a row in safety. When we have a drink it creates a compulsion to have more and more, which is the reason for not having 1 drink.

It helps a lot by reading a lot of posts here and perhaps attending meetings where a bunch of alcoholics go to get and stay sober, AA.
I didn’t know what I didn’t know and got my education and directions at AA meetings a lot of years ago which to this day has helped millions in recovery.
It’s strongly suggested to get medical attention because in a lot of cases just stopping can be dangerous for our system and our life.

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Welcome to SR
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Welcome to the Forum Liz!!
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Lizrich1: As suggested it's very important to get medical help with detox and, after that, be extremely careful for quite awhile since relapses are common because the body chemistry has not stabilized and the brain is unstable as well, wanting to resume the alcohol. So there is a powerful urge to self medicate. The best approach is careful medical supervision, random urine tests, often a 30 day rehab followed by aftercare sessions and group meetings with others in recovery, such as AA. Despite what it sounds like, it's extremely important since the alternative is gradually sliding down a black hole of horror to a painful and unpleasant death. Slavery to a chemical. The climb to sobriety is a journey to eventual happiness and self respect. Gaining back your true self. Good luck and every good wish. Stick with this website. We can and will help you! We're here for you!

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We're sure glad you are here, Liz.

I know the feelings you describe.

Since I have been sober, I don't have those feelings at the level you describe.

Everyday is not pay day, so to speak, and some days are quite challenging, but I don't have that abject fear and paranoia that you describe.

I hope that you try to get and stay sober and that you stick around this forum.
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Welcome to the family Liz. I hope the support here can help you get sober for good.
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