I'm a lost cause

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I hope you are feeling better.
I used to think I was a lost cause too.
My sister is having problems of her own these days, and my mom said to my dad "will we ever get through this?" At which he pointed to me and said "of course! We have a real life miracle sitting right here!"

I also got the "have you been drinking thing?" But not for a while now since I have some sober time.

I do agree with you about the hobbies thing. Especially since my main hobby is reading. But I've been remembering that I have a degree in English and I have decided to start going to the theatre and cinema again. I used to love the theatre. My brother also got me a camera for Christmas in case "you want to take up photography as a hobby". Some good ideas there.
Life is for living!
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" I just get too depressed, to think and get jealous of people when they're drunk and pleasant"

I have similar thoughts every day. I'm in college, and as this is the last week there are gigantic parties right outside and fill up entire quads. Everyone is drinking and having a great time---

Except! I can't do that, and neither can you. We can't help ourselves, drink too much, drink uncontrollably, become the depressed and embarrassed person that we hate ourselves to be.

It's tough luck, but that's how it is. Associating drinking with the happy people who don't go out of control when they drink is a fast track to relapse.That's just not in the cards for many people, and while it's challenging to accept that and to let go of the learned idea that drinking = only way to have fun, it's also very possible.

There are plenty of other ways to have fun, to relax, to socialize and experience, without drinking. And what I'd argue, and I'm sure many on here would agree, is that the ways to achieve these things without drinking are far superior than otherwise.

You can do this!
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