Just celebrated completion of Year #1 !

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Just celebrated completion of Year #1 !

Hey all,

I hope all of you are staying sober, healthy, and happy. I quit drinking one year ago after I came here asked for help. I didn't know how to tell my wife, or if she would support it.

This past year has been amazing. I've been approached by so many friends who have expressed their desire to follow my footsteps into sobriety. One has made the commitment so far (albeit only a temporary one to see how he feels). Anyway, things are changing over here. I am a better husband, father, and employer. I am working growing my company instead of drinking until I'm comfortable. I am a better husband with 90% less fights with my wife because I don't feel guilty about my actions after I drink and as a result, don't take it out on her. I'm a better father because I can wake up in the middle of the night without being drunk or hungover to take care of my kids. I can wake up fresh in the morning and offer to cook them breakfast. I can keep going... but you guys get the point. Life without alcohol is another life. And it's 100% for the better.

My wife got me a gift basket yesterday that she made to celebrate my one year. It had a bunch of ginger beer and root beer bottles, a couple of glasses, nuts, and an incredibly inspiring card about how she strives to be a better person because she sees me making these huge decisions to be a better person.

I wish you all the best in your sobriety. It's not a painless journey because life isn't painless. But it is much better than going through life drinking , regretting, and not being present.
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Congratulations, a whole year is awesome...all four sound wonderful.
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Awesome job! Congrats! Thank you for the post, inspiring!
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That's wonderful, HF! Kudos to you in every area of your life now. Very inspiring.
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Congratulations! So nice to read a success story. What tips would you offer to those of us who are trying to be free from our compulsions? What kept you from just saying "screw it" a time or two or making an exception for special occasions?
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Awesome post!!
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Congratulations on a year and many more to come
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What an uplifting post! Congratulations, Healthfirst, on one year of sobriety.
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Grats on a year
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Thank you so much, all.

Cissy - I've got the voice telling me that I can handle just one or two, especially at special occasions. I have defeated that by remembering the price that I have to pay if/when I lose control again. And there is no guarantee that I'll end up sober and in control of my life again if/when that spiral happens again. I used the same thinking for when I quit smoking 11 years ago. It it worth the one puff of smoke to risk getting addicted again, with no guarantee that I'll ever quit again? I play with the devil in my head at special occasions by keeping a drink in my hand (cranberry tonic, ginger beer, hot tea, sparkling water, etc.). I will never feed it alcohol again.
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Congrats on the first of many sober years!
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How Amazing!
That is such an inspiration.

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Congratulations, healthfirst!
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Congrats Healthfirst! One year is awesome! Sounds like you have made great improvements all over!
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Congratulations and what an awe inspiring example of what sobriety can bring to all our lives!
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That's awesome HealthFirst.
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What an inspirational post!

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We're proud of you HF . Getting through a whole year, with all the triggers it brings, is huge.
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Thanks for the post. I need to read more like this.
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