T minus 90 minutes

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T minus 90 minutes

So, in 90 minutes I'll have 90 days.

It has been lonely, boring, and anxious.

It has taken many years of failed attempts.

It has allowed me to learn patience, versus anxiety.

It has enabled me to make wiser decisions, or the better choice.
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Nice job! I like that - patience over anxiety.
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Congrats on 90 days, that's a heck of an accomplishment. Looks like you have made some great progress in learning about yourself too.
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awesome job!!!! I can't wait to get there!!!!
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Inchworm: I like it too. Big difference, but not really, when you get the poison out.

Scott: I learned from the best, Y'all!

Ice: I wanted it for years, now I'm taking it.
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Congrats, lovingit!
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Well done. 90 days is awesome.
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Do your best
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90 days is amazing
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Keep on, Keeping on! Congratulations! Wonderful Milestone
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