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From what I can tell, anxiety seems to be very common for people for a while after getting sober, but I wonder if something I'm doing is making it worse.
I quit all caffeine about 5 years ago. Coincidentally I started my heavy alcohol drinking right after that. Anyway, since really trying to quit since 2/1/15, I've been really tired all the time. About a month ago, when I took a family vacation, I began to take caffeine pills to keep up with my kids. After returning home, I still kept taking the pills because I constantly stay tired, but yet it says right on the bottle that it can cause irritability and nervousness. I'm just making things worse for myself. Time to cut way back on the caffeine or quit completely. Sorry, I just needed to vent about it.
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It might be time to check with your dr and talk to him about your fatigue.
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Anxiety has definitely been a problem for me for a long while. It started with my post-partum depression and I self-medicated with booze, but in the end that's only made the anxiety worse. I find that exercise and good sleep goes a long way to help curb my anxiety. Only problem is that I often can't find the time to exercise and don't always get good sleep. I'm on meds too, and that helps a bit. Otherwise I'd be a total basketcase!

Please vent away. Some of us can relate!

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I suffer with anxiety also and self medicate with booze
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I definitely feel sorry for any of us that are going through this. I know things will get better for all of us, but the highs and lows of anxiety are brutal. One second there is total despair and I feel like I have to immediately run away and the next minute I know that I am going to be fine. I keep repeating that cycle all day while at work.
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A lot of us alcoholics self medicated our anxiety. The irony is alcohol makes anxiety 100 times worse! It's one big vicious cycle that worsens over time. Quitting alcohol will eliminate this vicious cycle. It did for me and I was a total anxious mess before quitting.

The fatigue could be the crashing from the caffeine pills. It's always best to check this out with your Dr to ensure nothing else is going on.
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See your doctor. They can do blood work to determine vitamin deficiencies or other issues at play. That's the best advise given. Do yourself a BIG favor and go.

In the meantime, if you're not already taking a b-complex vitamin, do that. Way better than caffeine for energy AND helps with anxiety. If you're taking 1 a day already, take another mid day.

Vitamin B is water soluble, so you'll just pee out the excess with no side effects.
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SR is in your corner!!
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