Drinking at work?

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Amy,can you get some medical help before Friday? 48hours is too long to wait.
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sorry - i just re-read that you've tried to see a doctor. don't go to work in the meantime - take care of yourself.
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Amy, just so you can prepare yourself, please know there's a chance the doctor is going to leave you with two choices. a) leave with nothing, or b) go in-patient.

Either way, all the best, and keep us updated!
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Thank you all for your responses. It feels good to have found a community of support. I don't feel like having a drink this morning. My tummy feels off (imagine that). But I am certainly worried about the w/d's.

I know I should head to detox. I'm hoping to do just that when I can get a medical release from the doctor. I know it's an excuse but this is a really good new job. And I've already called in sick twice. I'm still trying to keep it as it will be wonderful opportunity once I sober up.
My issue this morning is to drink or not to drink. Right this minute I'm leaning towards NOT drinking. I will feel like crap either way. Ugh. But if I DONT take that first drink then maybe I won't have to take a million more today.
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Originally Posted by HOPELESSAMY View Post
I know I should head to detox. I'm hoping to do just that when I can get a medical release from the doctor. I know it's an excuse but this is a really good new job. And I've already called in sick twice.
I am sorry you are facing this Amy. You mentioned you want to keep your new job, but have called in sick twice already. Unfortunately, if you don't do the detox route, you will end up calling in sick again and again. That really is the only way to go at this point and do it ASAP.
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Do your best
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Good luck Amy either see a Dr or go ER today it will really help with your recovery
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Wonder if perhaps ER visit might be in order. Drinking at work is never a good idea and your wise to understand the potential consequences. If you need med's or immediate treatment, please don't wait!

Glad you're here with us, seek the help you need Asap......
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Welcome to the Forum Amy!!
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When I started to drink at work because of shakes,anxiety,sweats it was my wake up call. I could no longer deny my problem. I found SR soon after thank god. I hope you get help.
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I'll admit to have been drunk at work, once. I'm fortunate that I work in an office environment, and the nearest cube dweller is about 20 feet from me. I put some alky in my water bottle and sipped it while working. I got pretty well bombed as the afternoon wore on. My boss came in and talked about some issue or other; I was able to carry on a reasonable conversation and he didn't suspect anything. This happened about a year ago and I haven't done it since. Nor do I want to.
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Hi Amy :-)

First off , don't drive ! I did it , lost my license for a year & had a lock put on my car for 18 months.
You are such a lucky girl , you haven't lost your licence yet , you haven't lost your job yet you haven't lost your home yet you haven't lost your kids ...YET .
But you haven't

.......this has only been luck & it's about to run out.
I'm so proud of you for seeing a doctor as you know you are in trouble.

You sound to me to be about where I was when the **** hit the fan but I pushed it too far and drove just before I got the help I needed.

I could have killed someone Amy!

We are all here to help you .i would suggest you get a doctors note for Thurs , Fri rather than risk a DUI .

You deserve peace & happiness in your life and it's about time , but you won't have it for the rest of your life if you kill someone.
Be kind to yourself , you are doing everything right now.

I really want this for you & I know you are sick & tired of being sick and tired.

Keep posting & lean on us
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Hi Amy... you hold tight to the great group of people and you will find you can stop this terrible path you have started on...
story ardy always has a story.. this one ends sad. Tallahassee Fl August 1998, I was a temp for a great group of people Dr Ward Ben Sissy and Margo... Sissy was the Office manager... they brought me in to do alot of little things and found me to be very valuable .. was tight with Sissy. a true Southern Belle right down to the shoes hair and voice. she was such a friend... she was a secret drinker in her office... none of the staff knew of it.. but the signs were all there.. we would have lunch and she would laugh she had such a great laugh... by Christmas she got sick. and was put in rehab for 3 weeks.. took me to her office and showed me where she had hidden the checks.. that first week was a mess Margo cried Ben paced and Dr. Ward kept locking and unlocking her office... 2nd week on Monday .. they all were in that office.. I came in softly.. what you looking for all.. ( she had trusted me to not tell anyone with were the checks were) Dr. Ward kept going in and out of the drawers and moving boxes and Ben looking on shelves.. I went back to my desk.. none of my business. Margo came and just stood in front of me .. hands on hips. Ardith Ann. yes miss.. do you know and in a flash both Dr Ward and Ben were in back of her.. Ben came around and brought up a chair old military and police atick... Ardy. Yes kiddo.. do you know where Sissy put the checks.. yep.. answered the phone... Dr. Ward you have a call on ... put them in voice mail Yes Sir. they looked at me.. I promised you know.. Dr Ward got red in the face... Ardy.. I got up and went back to the office.. Dr Ward sat at the desk.. were he said and waved his hands .. you are sitting on them.. Sir.. what . . he got up and I showed him the trap door in the very very old wooden chair. when we opened it out fell 3 bottles and the packet of business checks... I felt so terrible...... Ben and Dr. Ward got to chatting in private and Margo and I went for early lunch... week 3 Sissy and Jack were to marry on that Sat.. we all had to go .. She had been drinking again since coming home from rehab... it was so sad.... I remember everything like its right here. Dr Ward hugged me tight .. Monday ardy see you monday.. we all came in .. Sissy was fit to be tied.. my job was gone.. the girl they hired out right instead of temping her got Margo fired and then had her boyfriend come in.... he was a weed smoker and Sissy was stil drinking. the girl got Sissy fired. and she took her job and hired a friend for the desk I had had... Sissy and Jack got married about 3 years later.. we ran into each other all the time.... my Dear Southern Belle friend... we were pals to the end no matter what.. 2010 I was working here in Milwaukee for IBM had to review phone numbers for business contact. something about this one number. I called it and a voice said Tripp Ranch.. I almost dropped the phone.. Jack Jack this is Ardy the Northern carpet bagger... he laughed so hard. we chatted a bit. Hey Jack where is that lovely Southern Lady of yours. put her on the phone for a minute.. my Dear Lass.. she has gone to Jesus.. and told me of her last days. bad evening of drinking she got in the truck.. he never saw her smile again.... we cried and then prayers funny can see her in front of me now..
Please for your children the life that you have how and for so many many reasons.. stop and know that so many hearts would break when your smile is gone... love ardy an old lady clown ...
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Amy, there is some great advice here. I really can't add anything outside of you are not alone.

I used to drink at work also. I have a great job with my own office so it wasn't hard. We only have four employees at our company.

I was rationalizing starting at about 11 am on weekdays at work and around 9 or 10 am on the weekends at home.

I still can't believe I could convince myself that this was ok! You can beat this.

Tons of support here at SR, welcome!
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Welll....Made it to work without drinking! :-) I'm a little shaky and my tummy is still off, and really really tired. But SOBER! I do understand how serious this is, I know I will lose everything because I have before about three times. I get scared that I am one of those 'unfortunates' who will never get it. I'm thinking in my head just one more hour, you can do one more hour. I'm praying since I managed three days sober, last Thursday Friday & Saturday, that MAYBE the W/D's won't be so bad this time around. MAYBE I can make it through till Fridays doctor appointment. If I can do this, I will have Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun, 5 days detoxing and be feeling much better by Monday. Then on to treatment. Trying to locate an outpatient facility that I can attend after work. And/or AA....idk. Anyhow, talking to you guys is helping. Thanks for your support :-)
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Hi Amy,

I got drunk while working every day for almost 3 years. It was easy for me since I work at home. I would start drinking at least 30 minutes before I had to log in for work and I wouldn't stop drinking until I passed out late each night. I finally broke that cycle a few months ago, but I have slipped up a few times since then. In my mind, it's still difficult to separate alcohol and work. I still struggle with it every day. The anxiety and stress I have while working is almost too much at times. Its even made me consider quitting my job.
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Wow Ardy, that was an amazing story. Thanks for sharing with me. I'm white knuckling it right now, but successful so far this morning. I believe I have a plan and it has to work. I have to make it work.
Thanks again :-)
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Amy, I'm glad you are here with us this morning and are sober. I know you feel physically awful. Been there, done that. Way way way too many times to count.

Do you have benefits at this job? Sounds like you do if you are seeing the doctor. If you waver later in the day. If you start feeling worse, go to the ER and tell them you are withdrawing. Don't drink if you have this option. I know you're hurting.

In the meantime, you can call your health insurance provider and find out what coverage you have for outpatient. They can probably give you suggestions.

I'm sure you know this is a trick bag at the moment. You absolutely have to get sober regardless of the job. If you take the smaller risk of taking a few days for detox you stand a better chance of keeping this job than if you don't quit. You will be calling in more and more. Someone will report You've been drinking and that may be it.

I got talked to for smelling like alcohol at work a long time ago. I ended up in outpatient treatment. I'd had the job for a while so was fortunate that my supervisor was sympathetic and wanted to believe my story that it was heavy consumption from the night before. Be well.
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Yup...nice story Ardy.

And hang in there Amy. If you're off your game and somebody says something, play the family emergency or death card. Tell em you have a lot going on right now that you'd rather not talk about and the work is keeping your mind off things.

Most people don't honestly want to here the details. They may ask to be kind, but give them the out that you don't want to talk about it and they'll GLADLY take it.

They'll walk away thinking..."man...Amy sure is a real trooper."
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Behold the power of NO
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You can do it Amy. The first 3 to 5 days are the worst physically. If you start hearing voices or getting really sick, please go to the ER. Alcohol withdrawals can be very dangerous.
I get scared that I am one of those 'unfortunates' who will never get it
The "unfortunates" are people who are constitutionally incapable of being honest. That would be some people with serious brain damage like wet brain, some people with absolutely crippling mental disabilities and also probably some sociopaths. I seriously doubt reading your posts that you are any of those. You reached out for help, you acknowledge the extent of your problem: right there you are able to be honest.
Definitely not an unfortunate here just another alcoholic who needs support.
Hang in there. You can make it.
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Behold the power of NO
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I just wanted to add that you already took off sick twice because you were hangover or on a binge. I am pretty sure you had very little reservations picking up the phone and calling in in the name of the bottle but when it comes to calling because you need detox... now you're coming down with a case of the yeah buts.
That's your addictive voice in action here. We call it A V for short on this board. Those thoughts which leads you to drinking or away from what is truly good for you and interfers with drinking.
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