So this guy walks into a liquor store...

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Well, don't think now about how much you'd hate yourself tomorrow because you got through it today. It's a good thing to play the tape through, which would include hating yourself in the morning, but you didn't drink. You got to an awkward spot and didn't follow through after a massive internal conflict. I'll bet you were exhausted afterwards.

Keep going!
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Well played SDH.
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...holds the key
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Better bloated than drunk!!

Nothing to be ashamed of! Quite the opposite're still sober! Well done, SDH!
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Super job....I had a bag of peanut M&Ms today and a Slim aren't alone
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I understand your thought process.

I guess that means we are both hanging out at the right website.
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You were a different man when you walked out of the liquor store than the one who walked in.
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Originally Posted by EndGameNYC View Post
You were a different man when you walked out of the liquor store than the one who walked in.
yeah, but stay not walking in , the AV got you there and you came out, awesome . Just keep control of your feet.
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Glad you didn't drink! I had a tough day too, but, we're both still sober! High Five!
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