Dad currently in the hospital (guess what for?)

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Exclamation Dad currently in the hospital (guess what for?)

......... For alcohol withdrawal.

I found out over the weekend. Apparently he finally sold his property and immediately went heavy drinking as soon as the sale proceeds landed in his checking account. It's a good chunk of change.

Anyways, it wasn't a few days of this heavy non-stop drinking before he suddenly felt like he was "going to die" at which point a concerned friend drove him to the hospital ER. My mom was at her day job and didn't find out about all this until later that same day.

From what I last heard earlier today, he was "losing his mind" and "going crazy" clawing at the hospital bed. They even had to restrain him with those wrist-straps. My mom went to visit him over the weekend, and apparently the first thing he asked for was for her to "go get some cable cutters" so that he can free himself and go drink. Just unreal.

She went to visit him again today but he was asleep, they had to sedate him because he was trying to "escape" again.

For you new people, this is a stark reminder of what alcoholism can eventually lead to. My dad is just shy of 70 and to be honest I'm surprised he is still alive, he is also a heavy heavy smoker.

Alcohol: a dangerous ally and ruthless enemy.
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Originally Posted by grubby View Post
Alcohol: a dangerous ally and ruthless enemy.
Alcohol: an expert liar who pretends to be your ally.

I hope your dad gets the help he needs. It seems like your dad has been drinking a long time to have that type of withdrawal. It was a good friend who drove him to the ER.
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I'm sorry grubby

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So sorry grubby!
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Sorry about the troubles your dad is having. Alcohol can truly destroy a person.
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I'm sorry for your dad's troubles which really do affect everyone. I hope he finds his way.
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I'm so sorry, grubby.
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Very sorry to hear of your dad Grubby!!
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Feed your head
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Sorry Grubby
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I recently heard that my father in law fell down steps after leaving a bar, old age is hard enough on the body, he's been a heavy drinker for a long time.
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sorry to hear this grubby,
but it has to be a motivator for your sobriety I hope...
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I am very sorry.
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So sorry to hear this, but what a reminder of where each and every one of us could have ended up.
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Dang sorry grubby.
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I am so very sorry.
I would ask his Case Manager for some suggestions to help him when they do discharge him.
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Sorry Grubby.
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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
sorry to hear this grubby,
but it has to be a motivator for your sobriety I hope...
Oh very much so. Strangely, I don't really feel "sad" at all - instead what this has filled me with is an intense fear. Fear of what could possibly happen to me in the future should I stray off the path and fall back into old habits.

I don't know, it all just seems like such a "dark" outcome........ no longer even being in control of your own body or mind. That type of stuff just scares the crap out of me.

Another thing is I never had the best relationship with my dad, to be honest I've never liked him much and still don't....... I regard him as a large part of the lousy childhood I had. Lots of bad memories.
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Man, that's rough.......sorry.

When my mother passed, my dad had been sober for over 15 years. He just sort of gave up after that - had to watch and deal with.

I recall that feeling watching his decline and do not want my family to ever feel that way about me.

Thanks for the post, prayers.....
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Yikes, that's scary. I'm sorry

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I'm sorry Grubby, but glad you are here.
You can learn from your Dad, you don't have to go down the same route as him, although you sound like you are in a much better place than he ever was.
Have you got anyone to talk to?
You must be feeling lots of conflicting emotions?
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