Just Getting Started

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Just Getting Started

Hey Everyone!
So I came here for support after going to several AA meetings that my dad who has been sober 20 year introduced me to and finding that the people were really great (even if I did just sit quietly in the back lol) I read a few forums here and realized it was the same type of atmosphere and would be great for the quite nights that I'm finding out about now. A little about myself, I'm 24 and my big drinking days started in the army. I always thought when I got out and got married the party animal in me would just stop....silly me. I've been sober for two days now but not been drunk for a week (a beer slip up) which for me is a pretty big accomplishment. I went out the other night and played horseshoes and drank nothing but water and it was great leaving there not worrying about a DUI and laying in bed thinking to myself "its great not to have to worry about hugging the toilet tomorrow!" I think I'm getting it when people talk about that freedom you get from not drinking. I will say this I love playing horseshoes its my favorite thing to do! But I feel like I should not be at a bar while I'm trying to stay sober and my league is a bar traveling league. Its not the thought of I cant do it (because I have done it by drinking 10 glasses of water that night lol) but I know the temptation is there. I just cant stand the thought of not doing it because its with family and family friends (who wouldn't ever encourage me to drink) but its the principle of being at a bar so early in my attempts to stay sober. I was lucky enough that my biggest concern was leaving the bar with an empty wallet. Tomorrow is the league day. So I have a tough decision ahead of me to make. I'm just rambling on now (I have to do something at night now since usually I would be at a bar partying it up) so Ill just leave this at Hi everyone, I'm new!
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Welcome to SR! Sounds like you are doing a lot of things right in seeking support with meetings and you'll definitely find it here. I personally stayed away from bars or other obvious drinking environments for a good 2-3 months initially. I did feel the need to prove to myself that I COULD do it, but pretty soon I realized I didn't enjoy it anyway. There a whole world out there waiting to be discovered outside bars.
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Welcome Brighter2!
Congrats on making it through 2 days!

I think you are right to question the safety of going to the bars. It just isn't a good or safe place to be in early sobriety.
As time passes you will probably be able to handle those situations, but may find out that you don't really want to......
With sobriety, things change.....

I am still in the early stages (just shy of 6 months) and have no desire to go to drinking establishments where the sole purpose of the evening is to drink and get drunk. That would be pure torture for me!

But I find it OK to go to restaurants or other places where people have a drink or two, and there is some other purpose to the evening....
even if it is only eating or chatting......

Good luck with your decision!
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Hi and welcome Brighter2m0rr0w

I also stayed away from bars and other alcohol themed placed and events for a while...until I knew I wanted to be sober more than anything else.

I still think those few months were a great investment in my recovery

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Thanks Scott and New! I just look forward all week to league play. Horseshoes is really the only thing I do and I'm out of work on medical leave right now so the free time is killing me! I did join the gym though! Hopefully with keeping busy with that will also help me shed the 50 lbs I've put on from drinking in the last year!
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Thanks Dee And I like the word investment! That does put things into a different perspective!
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Welcome to SR! Congrats on two days.
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Welcome to SR Brighter2m0rr0w.
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Welcome to the Forum Brighter2m0rr0w!!
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Thank You Everyone for being so Welcoming!
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Welcome Brighter!

What Scott said,"There a whole world out there waiting to be discovered outside bars." I feel like I had been locked up for years and am now getting to experience the world with new eyes. Cherish every second of your sober life and you will have a lot more to come.
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Thanks everyone again! Everything is going well, just staying busy with the gym and AA, and your right Scott, I have been seeing things in all new light! Things are looking brighter! I am coming to the realize though that I will probably have to give up horseshoes for a bit or find a sober group that play.
But another great feeling that tomorrow morning my head won't be berried in the toilet and I can enjoy my day!
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