Day 1 again

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Day 1 again

I really wish somebody would just grab me and shake me and ask me what the hell am I doing to myself and my family. I feel like I need to wake up from this nightmare before its to late. I am starting day 1 today. Gonna eat healthy and exercise lots. When I feel the need to drink, I am going to log into here and write down why I'm not drinking and what I'm doing instead. Then what I'm grateful about. I have so much to be grateful for. Its time I show it especially to those who I love and care about. Feel free to message me. I'm hoping that I can find a couple of people on here who I can message anytime I feel like drinking. Thanks for listening to me ramble. I can do this. Be safe all.
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Alcoholism is a situation where the individual must do the living sober part for themselves.
No one else can get anyone drunk or sober, it’s work with changes needed to be made.
Firs for most of us is being honest with our self about our drinking AND accepting the fact we cannot drink in safety one day at a time in a row.

Reading a lot of posts on the forums is a great help and I found face to face meetings has resulted in many years of recovery for many.

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Make a plan timeforchange. Use the sticky post at the top of the forum for some tips.

Make this time different
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I wholly recommend posted here BEFORE having that drink, once I started seeking a second opinion on things compared to what my mind was telling me things started to fall into place, whereas in isolation there was only going to be one outcome!!

You can do this!!
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Yes, what PurpleKnight said.
Welcome to SR!
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Do your best
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Just to back up what pk said i think its his phrase always come here & get that 2nd opinion

Always reach out if you feel like drinking

Keep reading keep posting

Welcome bk
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Welcome Timeforchange18!
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Welcome TFC18. Great group of supportive people here at SR.

Nothing to add other than what's already been said... Make a plan, post when you feel the urge to drink and make this change for you. The others in your life will benefit from all of the effort you put in to your sobriety.

You can do this.

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