Withdrawal Symptom

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Withdrawal Symptom

I Stopped drinking for 3 months on NYE. Drunk for 5 days at the end of March and now haven't drunk for about 5 weeks. (Usually drink 6 days a week - 6-8 beers and binge on about 12 - 18 about 3 times a fortnight.
I have also been giving the smokes a miss but that is becoming project forever. 3 months off up to around Christmas. Smoked for 2 weeks over Christmas (straight back to 20 a day). Off them until I drunk at the end of March and had 3 days back on them.
I thought after all this time I wouldn't be 'hanging' for anything but I am. I always have a 'feeling' in the middle of my chest. I imagine it's the smokes more than anything but it could be booze.
I'm also using stage one patches and probably will continue. In the past I've only needed to use them for 4 or 5 days but if I don't use them I have zero patience or tolerance of anything.
Ultimately I thought be now I would be all but on easy street. I certainly won't be drinking and don't feel that is a risk.
Now that I've typed this I did hit the gym and start running so exercised most days from October to March but haven't done any gym for over a month and only train / play soccer twice a week. Maybe that is my issue.
Anyway, probably ranting but hell, why not we all do at some time.
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Hey, good on you for the past 5 weeks of sobriety! I've experienced a number of unexplained maladies since giving up the drink but only found comfort in being checked by my GP. Good luck to you and nice to meet you.

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After 5 weeks very unlikely anything to do with acute withdrawal from alcohol. Given also that you were dry from jan - mar then drank 5 days only unlikely to be post-acute withdrawal from alcohol either, although could be a minor anxiety surge.

More likely a cigarette habit psychological craving. Try one of those nicoteneless vapor inhalors (smokeNV is one brand) see if the feeling goes away.
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Hey Chances,

It took six months for me to feel any type of inner calm or "centeredness" at all. Hang in there. For those six months I felt like a clock where the hands are going all wonky. You can do this.
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5 Weeks is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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Feed your head
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Congrats on 5 weeks sober Chances
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Until It Sleeps
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About 3 months and I felt the cycle was broken. I knew at 2 months but it was crystal at 3.

Things I learned.

1. Everyone is different, try everything until something works.
2.Dont beat yourself up.
3.Support helps majority of the time,don't shy away.
4. Stay busy,
5. Change your life style.
6. Leave negativity where you find it and move on.
7 Your in control and stronger than you realize.
8. You will try to rationalize having a drink.
9. Vitamins and supplements, feeling good is priceless.
10. If you have a drink, analyze why, deal with it, move on.
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Congratulations on 119 sober days out of 124 Chancesah
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