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Thumbs up 6 days

Although I only have 6 days of sobriety. I am recalling myself last Sunday, being in a bar, way past the time I thought I would be....looking at a tv and seeing a show on the tele that I watch on Sunday's and realizing, I spent my whole day there and my GOD it's almost 9:PM on a Sunday night! Where did the time go, how could I have done this AGAIN? I then had to drive, (and was in no shape to do so). I had a very early Monday start at my recently new job (that I am so fortunate to have and can't pull this hungover or calling in)....well, I didn't make it Monday. It was a shameful, bewildered morning but, I'm SO thankful that I didn't hide and that, for the first time, I posted here and I got honest with myself that I truly can't go on like this. I then got to a morning AA meeting and asked a woman to sponsor me, she agreed and I talk with her everyday and met her this past Saturday morning as well. 6 SOBER days later, when I sit here, watching the aforementioned show from my couch and not the bar stool (which was beyond lonely and sad), I couldn't be more grateful. I am so enjoying all the great things people have to offer in their experiences and even the struggles, I wish we didn't have to struggle at all, but atleast we are not alone. Anyway, I'm glad I had this site to post my relapse on and thank you to those who shared their compassion and honesty and held me accountable to forming a plan. I don't have it all figured out but I wanted to share. 6 days and counting feels a whole lot better than the alternative . God bless!
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...holds the key
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Well done DreaJean! There are sooooo many awesome benefits of being sober! Knowing that you'll wake up without a hangover and be able to meet your responsibilities are just a few! I'm really happy for you!
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Thanks Brynn!
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Good job and congrats on sobering up. You'll be much more impressive showing up at your new job without a hangover.
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Ha! Yes indeed FLCamper!
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Right on DJ!
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I totally related to your post. I'm glad I wasn't in a bar tonight either. What a miserable life that is. 6 days is amazing!
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Do your best
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Way to go DreaJean
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way to go on 6 days Drea

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It sounds like you are in a much better place now DreaJean. I hope you still have your new job
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Thanks for sharing - lovely to read such a hopeful post
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6 Days is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Thanks all!! I do still have my job thankfully and I was very grateful to get there early and have a productive, clear day!! Happy Monday!
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That is just the greatest news! Way to go!
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