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Originally Posted by TheBob1 View Post
Been a while since the topic was breached. Ages ago she said she was "working on it" and made it clear she didn't want me "checking in" about it. Made failure a lot easier to not have anyone paying attention. When I bring it up now, she ignores me. Sadly, we have so little open comm. any more, it usually comes up in an argument - yes, teh worst way, I know. I tried last week by noting how our SON needed his Mom to be "normal" and she got really angry and started all the defensive/counter-offensive moves again. Somehow we have gone considerably backwards. Oh - I am planning to get to a meeting tonight. Fingers crossed.
By how defensive she gets, I'm sure she knows she needs help. But may not necessarily want it right now. But I'll keep you and her in my thoughts and prayers too!

Glad to hear you're going to a meeting. I hope everything works out for your family.
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