Day number ???

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Day number ???

I don't know if its a good / positive thing, bad or selfish thing but I'm not counting the days. When I gave up on New Years I was counting. After drinking at the end of March I simple haven't had any interest at all in it.
I was asked if I wanted to join the AA group I've been attending on Wednesdays - which involved simple writing down your first name and sobriety date. I had to use a calendar to work out the first day this time was Wednesday 1st April - April fools day!
I'm focussed on sobriety and improving my attitude and outlook to reduce stress, but I really don't care about the time. I think I'm grieving as I'm not aiming for 3 / 6 or 12 months but rather just leaving a poisonous life behind. I say life because lets face it, people, places, hobbies, the daily schedule etc etc were all governed by alcohol.
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I counted the days, but it's not mandatory, ChancesAh.

By about day 90 I was ready to leave the day counting behind

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Recognising my AV
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I count the days - it gives me confidence in knowing I can do it and the longer it goes on the harder it would be for me to go back to all the madness.
congratulations on a month sober
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Do your best
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I think you said it right there some ppl count some dont

I counted days till i lost count lol i counted months until 18 months and i actually forgot my last date (a first) at 21 months

As i reach year 2 in July il count by year as il never forget that day

Point is your doing exellent & it dont matter if you choose to count or not im glad your doing well bud congrats
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I have a sobriety phone app that counts for me. Unfortunately I've had to reset it a lot . But I work with statistics in my job, so I am a numbers driven person.
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I counted up to 100 but have switched to months now. I think it's good in the beginning because it's like a record of achievement
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By no means do you have to count the days, and to each their own. I do due to the amount I drink, so every hour counts for me, let alone every day.

I'll try not to announce any progress on SR though (although I'm sure I will for certain milestones), because that would be a trigger for me. I could easily see myself thinking, "awesome, 15 days sober, I should have a drink to celebrate".
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Whatever works is fine, Sobriety is the goal, the methods though will differ for everyone!!
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Everybody is different in what works for them for me and i can only speak for myself! Counting the days help me feel a sense of achievement , however I hope one day that I will be counting the years
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I think counting is really big in AA, but that isn't really a requirement, even in AA. You can keep that private or not count at all. It's your life, your call.
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I count days in that I'll check how many days I've had every so often.
My sobriety streak is something I am proud of and you should be proud of too. There have been a few times when I was struggling where I didn't want to give up my current streak and it helped me keep going.
However, I think it's great you're focusing on leaving the alcohol behind. Do what you have to do to keep yourself sober.
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Glad you're here!

A sobriety date is important - we need to remember that last dark hole we dwelled in prior to that date. It keeps us from repeating it and we don't want it to ever change again.

The days for me became less and less important - but I did look and I knew when the one month - two month etc was coming

Partly because I was amazed WE could stay sober that long!!
I just looked - day 329 - man, y'all are doing good keeping me accountable - thank you for the post!
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The day was never Important to me. Once I was done , I was done. You said it perfectly it was about nit wanting to live a poisonous lifestyle anymore
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