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I have been on and off this site for around three years. We are all dealing with something that effects us, life, and how we chose to deal with it. I just want to say thank you Dee74 and your willingness to be there for everyone that posts. Our paths are all different, but knowing that you are still here helping makes the journey easier. if you can do it, so can I.
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RIP Sweet Suki
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Dee is the best! He's such an inspiration to all of us. ♥
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Dee is the man!!

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I'd like to thank Dee also. Sometimes I wonder if you sleep because you're almost always the first to respond almost within minutes, but your support and kind words help and mean so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Ya gotta love (((Dee))) He is there for you.
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oh thanks finallygotout and to all you other guys as well

much appreciated!

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Ta Dee, I am not going to tell the outside world that you are a closet Rodriguez fan at all.

Seriously chap, you are one helluva inspiration and help to all of us, both new and old.
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Do your best
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Well i agree with every post & il add D more than anyone has helped me to grow even stronger in my sobriety

When i first met D i thought is relapse inevitable ? (everyone was falling around me)

Thats the first time D helped make something click for me 'relapse is part of my addiction it has nothing to do with my recovery'

I cant stress how much that made sense to me (D knows this already lol)

I love these appreciation threads because its all true

Thank you D for who you are
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Dee's insight awes me. I've seen him comment on a ton of different posts, and every comment is tailor made and authentic to the situation, nothing canned. Impressive, not to mention, extremely helpful.
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He's ok
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Dee who?
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Dee rocks, like totally.
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Dee, Good.
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At first I thought he was a bot because he replies so darn fast, but no robot can provide such great insights.
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Rock (rok), noun:

a firm foundation or support

also, a large mass of stone forming a hill, cliff, promontory, or the like

Turns out, Australia has great examples of both.

Verb-wise, Dee has the other one beat. Dee is a rock who rocks.
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Thanks, are there for everybody who needs help.
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...holds the key
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Dee, you're a pretty cool dude!
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Dee is definitely a helpful dude, and is definitely one of the integral pillars of this community.
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Thank you, Dee.
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Thanks again guys - very much appreciated

I only have one thing to ask...does someone want to go to the dentist for me today?

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