self exceptance?

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self exceptance?

anyone else struggling with this ? i think its part of my prob i just cant except that im enough i have to fill my life with things to feel whole .im learning the era of my ways but its not easy
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For me it took time, being comfortable in my own skin didn't happen overnight, bit I knew that if I continued with Sobreity then my life may take a turn for the better.

Learning who I even was in Sobriety was the first step, and then I grew to appreciate that, accept both my strengths and weaknesses rather than escaping through alcohol which I had done for so long.

My life hadn't much in it when I got Sober, it took time to fill it with things, new activities, new friends, new projects, and through that I became more content with myself.

Rome wasn't built in a day is the phrase, but in time we can look back and see progress!!
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... Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

In early sobriety that was my mantra. Over and over again those words helped me through, and they still do but now I've moved on to the second part, Courage to change the things I can.
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Hi arieslee.

I recommended this website to others here before and some liked it. It a collection of audio/video lectures and discussions, on to different topics related to self-acceptance. You just enter an email address, no need to sign up really, then have free access to all.
The Self-Acceptance Project
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I struggle with self-acceptance all the time.

And I cringe when I think about my drunken stupidity. But we live and we learn.
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Do your best
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Arieslee your awesome and you will come to accept yourself do you journal at all ?

Heres a link to Oprahs site on self acceptance
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For me self acceptance came with a few months of sobriety...

it's really hard to accept you have value when you're essentially poisoning yourself at regular intervals.

stick with it aries

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