Reasons to stay sober

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Reasons to stay sober

Hey... I was just having a little conversation with my AV, listing all the reasons I could think of to NOT crack open that ice cool beer on this beautiful day, and, as you can imagine, I came up with quite a few.

Then I thought of maybe starting a thread in which everyone could contribute their best reason for not having that drink today in ONE sentence.

All contributions welcome!
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I dont want that drink as I want to be with my partner today and remember everything about his face, what we did and our time together.
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Behold the power of NO
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Because I like being sober and being drunk was awfully depressing.
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Feed your head
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Because life is a gazxillion times better with no alcohol
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bona fido dog-lover
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Because I take such good care of my dogs and cats when I'm sober.
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Because I do not want to put my daughter through watching her mother stumbling around making a fool of herself.
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Because my job is my livelihood, and going to work in the morning still drunk is a good way to lose one's job. Honestly, I cringe when I think about mornings after a particularly bad binge.
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Pipedreamer (05-02-2015)
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I hate that sinking feeling of trying to remember what I did or said the night before
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So my heart rate doesn't increase to the point it feels like my heart is going to pop out of my chest.
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Because alcohol always seemed to cause misery, parting ways was the best decision ever!!
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Because alcohol made me not enjoy being alive and I'm beginning to love life again now.
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So that I don't screw up everything I've worked so hard on for the past few years, so I won't feel like crap tomorrow or worse...continue drinking and have it turn into a week long binge...the list could go on and on.
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Because I feel worthy of the life I have now

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gypsytears (05-03-2015)

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