Need help with a question...

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Need help with a question...

I was wondering....I am 24 right now...will be 25 in August...and will be starting college in the fall. I also have about 20 months sobriety. When I was 18 I got a OWI for drinking. 6 months later I got another OWI for Xanax and Marijuana when I was 19. I was thinking do you think these will affect me later on in life if I was trying to get a job in the medical field? I would love to believe that people can look past these kinds of things since I was young when I made these mistakes, and now that I'm sober. I haven't even started college yet so I would have over 4 years before I would have to explain this to a possible medical school. Anyways just wanted to know what you all though. I'm not a bad person, but I made some mistakes when I was younger.

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You should look at the website for or contact the Medical Board in your state on an anonymous basis to ask about this. I would guess the answer is that if it happened before you started med school and you quit drinking/drugs, they will allow you to get a license. I knew people in this situation in law school. You really want to know the answer before spending years and going $300,000 into debt.
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Have you looked into getting it expunged? Maybe since you were underage, it was a while ago and (I am assuming) you complied with all conditions, there might be a way to get it off your record...
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Expunged or not, they are still going to ask you if you have ever been arrested for drinking or drugs related offenses. Addiction is a big deal in the medical profession. However, if you have achieved long-term sobriety, you should be OK. They might require you prove you are staying sober, though.
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