Need to swallow my pride...

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Originally Posted by Serenidad View Post
Yes, you are exactly right Carlotta. It's never been anyone on SR that have said anything bad about AA. It's the people in my local meetings.

Yes, you have always been so supportive and encouraged me to explore other methods. I totally agree with you about my AV being triggered by people in AA. Yes, I have started reading Rational Recovery but the people in AA strongly discouraged it so I stopped. Probably because it kinda bashes AA. I am going to resume reading it tonight. I also got a book called Many Roads One Journey by Charlotte Davis Kasl. It was highly recommended. Thank for your support Carlotta.
Im a hard core AAer but the basic premise of RR is highly recommended once you strip off the anti AA rhetoric. RR kept me sober for six months and believe it or not Jack Trimpey wanted me to go on TV with him. RR is just one of the tools I have in my kit. Where I failed with RR is I had a boat load of other problems that needed to be addressed
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I love a good rerun of Seinfeld - you???? At times, the episode with George doing the opposite of what he thought was the best course of action, comes to mind in my recovery.

If everything I did was not working out, I would do the opposite!
I love the part where he states - I am 35, unemployed and live with my parents as he lands a date with a pretty gal!!

The same brain that kept me drunk could not think me into sobriety. Until I reached the point of being teachable - at any cost - there was no hope for me. I simply repeated the same behavior and remained bewildered as to why I remained drunk??? Hiccup.........

As we all can see from those we come across who have gained some sobriety - we are passionate about how we did it . Rightfully so ! I really am more of the mind today it doesn't matter how - it just matters that we start to believe sobriety is possible and become committed to a path regardless of what detractors may say or type about our methods - our sober soup mix - if you will.

I don't suggest anyone follow my path, but it has worked for me thus far.....

In sobriety some of us have to toughen up, some have to soften up........some maybe both.

Keep coming back!
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There's some really good advice here Serenidad
But - think about what you want, and think about how you can get there.

Think about the many ways you could have handled yesterday differently and not had 3 beers?

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