Coming out of lurking mode to introduce myself...

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i needed to read that tonight. thank you.

i hope your health improves. it must be very tough.
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Welcome Malialoke! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

This is a great group with a ton of support to offer.

Great job on 187 days today!
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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How brave and honorable Malialoke you are to come tell your story. I'm grateful for your honesty and welcome you with open arms to our little corner of the world.
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Originally Posted by ESD907 View Post
I know what I just realized. We are too in love with our stories.
ES, I'm going to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and hoped you had something positive in that message. Although if you did I don't understand it. Done. Its buried.
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Malialoke, I am guessing that I am one of hundreds if not more to how proud we are of you. Your story is a not so subtle reminder of what the alcohol can do to us. I've been on this site for quite some time, both as a member and as a "lurker". Your story woke me up. I read it in the early AM before I went to work. In fact, for anyone reading, I wake up for work an extra 45 minutes early so I can log on to SR and do my best to keep going.

Am I perfect? absolutely not, will I ever be perfect? Nope. That being said, SR has helped me control my life in a way that before was not controllable. I assure everyone that I will not pass away from alcohol or drugs. Because if I was going to pass away in that manner, it would have happened by now.

Stress may kill me, alcohol will not. Drugs. If you do them, stop. 2 cents.
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Originally Posted by ESD907 View Post
I know what I just realized. We are too in love with our stories.
I have no idea what this even means. Strange. At any rate, malia, thank you for sharing your story. Your share could definitely save lives and also keep relapses at bay for those who still fantasize that they can moderate their alcohol intake.
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