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I'm all in for a sober weekend.
That's a cool pic mesa.....
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Originally Posted by saoutchik View Post
I let my flat out during the Olympics to a delegation from Gabon. Happy days!
Saoutchik - Happy days indeed. That's how I started back in Chicago. During the Lollapalooza music festival I let my flat out for big bucks...then on some other weekends as well. Between jobs it was a lifesaver, and I met travelers from all over the world.

Ah, those romantic London canals. Are those the kind that have a man rowing you with oars, serenading lovers as they paddle through the lovely city?
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I'm going to have to practice my meditation this weekend.

Just tried it for the first time. Shockingly hard!
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Count me in for another sober weekend!
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Ok, this group is seriously fun! So many threads focus on how hard the weekend is instead of all the fun we can be having now that we're not in a booze-induced comas! I apologize for not calling everyone out by names, but I love some of your suggestions - planting some stuff and playing in the dirt, packing an emergency sobriety kit in the trunk of the car, exploring new places.... I haven't made any definitive plans for the weekend other than checking out a recovery group tomorrow night, and now I'm excited to try something new!

Just mixed up a drink, chocolate milk, haha, and it was delicious! Cheers, everyone!
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Chocolate milk sounds great!
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Originally Posted by noexcuse View Post
Ok, this group is seriously fun!
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Nestle's 'Quik' and Farfel the Talking Dog...

~ Farfel Shills Chocolate Milk ~

Yah, that Emergency Sobriety Road Kit was fn brilliant! Well done!
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I love chocolate milk...
I loved the movie Goodfellas...that was a great scene. I also loved Joe pesci in My Cousin Vinny.
I do plan to play in the dirt this weekend. .have lots of yard work to do. Gotta get morning glories planted.
It's great to see new people here. I encourage you to stick with us here, push on through cravings and urges to drink, and join us in this happier life. Life gets better when we give up the booze.
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I'm in! Looking forward to a sober, sunny and peaceful weekend with you all!
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Count me in! Looking forward to getting some things accomplished this weekend.
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I like strawberry milk And banana. But I am trying to be a good girl and drink almond.
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Ahhhhh!!!! I can't pretend to keep up with everything!! I just sat down and it's 10:30 and wow! A zillion pages!

Noexcuse, I'm glad you found us. Seriously crazy fun if people are talking about dumping bodies in canals. We'll scare people.

Saoutchik, sorry you got stuck on the tube. I got caught in a tube scrum one night trying to get to Walthamstowe at rush hour. My back eventually recovered. Sardines in a tin! And what is in Tallinn? Your comment about having two already made me laugh.

Solarion, I'm glad you're doing well. Ebbs and flows. It's the ice cream that keeps me coming back. Just tough it out sometimes.

BigS, that sounds like planes, trains and automobiles but well worth it in the end. What a great trip. Pictures? And yes, no one's been there before. Ever. The millennial comment is funny.

I see Della peeking in at the bottom of the thread.

I am going to have some ice cream. I got coffee flavored with chocolate chunks. Welcome to everyone!! I'm glad you are here.

Haennie, where in Asia? A co worker of mine just got married in Indonesia. Stunning wedding photos. He's still there. Facebook has some advantages. I guess

I know there will be tons more posts by morning. Which will be early. Seven a.m. band class for son. I hate lugging his stuff. Is that a bad thing to say?
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Ruby, be careful! Some coffee ice cream has caffeine! I learned that the hard way.....up all night.
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Posts: 3,938 is chocolate almond milk? Gotta try that....I'm not drinking dairy milk these days.
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HaF, I had the caffeine thought while scooping up my ice cream. I'm hoping not but I'm pretty tired. Of course, I'm still up at 11:36 and need to wake at 6 but I got caught up in my guilty pleasure. Watching First 48. One I haven't seen and I can't watch while kids are awake.
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Hey Ho! Newbies!!! Glad to have you with us!

Just wait until we get to all the bacon talk and Sunday cooking recipes!

Look for our sunday morning roll call to see how everyone is doing. But dont be shy!

Lily123, DreaJean, site1Q84, Tc4ever Welcome!

Good to see you Conquest, waywardson8260, and Cardoon!

Cannot sleep... so I got up to get tired. Gym in a few hours.

I need to do a lot of bookkeeping work this weekend. Stuff I have out off for more fun stuff.

I am tossing around calling out of work today. I am at a slow point and just dont feel like it. Rather go for a long walk by the water today. hmmmm

Anyways.. keep sober and keep strong weekenders!
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That bell or bike person
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Hi K ,
having an alcoholic who is sober day off once in a while i don't often feel guilty about .
It is a bit unusual for you , someone who is usually so chipper about work ..

Make sure this isn't one of those curve ball situations where you end up acting outside of your normal routine ..

Stay strong stay focused , you're great at your job as your track record proves . Also anyone who can do their job on a comedown and with the shakes can certainly do it sober very well .

Take care all , remember to have some relaxation time , just because we're sober doesn't mean we have to work all the time .
it's healthy to not do very much sometimes and to sit with our sobriety, life doesn't have to be a mad scramble anymore . Stay measured , stay regular in all things .

Have a good friday , pinch punch first of the month no returns to me , m
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Good morning gang. TGIF.

Looking forward to nice weather this weekend and lots of time outdoors. May have to include some chocolate milk in the mix. I like it with cheese toast of all things! Always helps me sleep if I'm having trouble. On the other hand, this thread and a cup of coffee has helped wake me up and kick start the day.

Wishing all the best weekend of confidence and sobriety. Gym time.....
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