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Confidence - boy, was my confidence shot to hell. Three years ago I was an active alcoholic, very addicted to booze. The walls were closing in. I felt that utter failure was inevitable. I didn't even know where to start finding help...took a couple ambulance rides to finally get me on the right track. The first year of sobriety my confidence was still shaken. But hard work produced results.

I looked for what I wanted in life and took the steps to get there. Today the scenes below are part of my daily routine. My terrace view (this morning), my rooftop garden, my flowers, my weekend retreat - these are the things that I build my life around today. The support from the good folks at SR, family, and friends helped me get here. But make no mistake, I did most of the work myself. Everyone here who is even 24 hours sober deserves a pat on the back for their resolve and will to get better! We can do this folks! Let's get this weekend rolling.

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Originally Posted by BernieE View Post
6 months today! I'm in for another sober weekend!
Way to go!!! I'll throw a victory goal for you during Frisbee this weekend
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I'm in for sure!!!
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Half A Year Without The Beer


A Sobered-up Gent known as Bernie
Eschewed Life on Hospital Gurney
He passed on that Trip
To Booze, he got hip
He took his green Car on a Journey

Burma Shave

'New' Journey Lead Singer Arnel Pineda getting hired after being seen on the Internet singing Journey 'Covers' in Bars is one great Story. He was barely scraping by in Manila; sometimes on the Streets in Poverty. In what is quite rare in R&R in these Scenarios, he gets a full 20% of Band Income. He was hired as a 'Full' Member from the get-go.

Here he is in a triumphant return to Manila. Hope and Renewal springs eternal for us all, eh?

'Don't Stop Believing' ~ Journey ~ Live
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Wow! So much going on! Haennie, my head hasn't been on the threads apparently because I didn't know you are heading to Asia. That's awesome!

TS, well done on the week. Ultimate Frisbee sounds like a great way to blow off steam. Hopefully no one is injured.

Confidence. I'm starting to come into my own. It's more that I am too scared to let my light shine. I know I have a lot to offer but like Weasel, I'm plagued with thoughts of "do they like me? Do I sound like an idiot?". Shooting myself in the foot. I've found it helps taking a deep breath before speaking. I've found that my responses are more comfortable, confident and natural. I'm a work in progress.

BigS, that is a lovely post. Mec, too. Puts things in perspective.

My life isn't so bad. Work today is putting that in perspective. Thread today is really cruising along. If you are new, just keep jumping in. You don't have to respond to what everyone has written. Just come here.
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I'm in!

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Hi Solarion! How are you doing?

MM, great Burma shave but edit "gent" to
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Count me in as well.
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Hey, Ruby -- doing okay over here. Was a little sick in the head last night and early morning -- nightmares about work, thoughts of quitting suddenly over some trivial "last straw" or other, plus (and probably related to) some kind of inflammation that felt like a burning headache -- but I chalked it up to PAWS and/or something in my evening diet.

Got up a little early, browsed SR, had some iced tea with milk and sugar, even shaved for work -- and now I'm feeling fine and enjoying the day. Weather is nice, work projects are going along fairly smoothly.

In retrospect those rougher hours were good to have and pay attention to RE: the negativity that I sometimes bring to my perceptions and dramatic confrontational fantasies, and as a reminder that sometimes I can and should just weather the internal storm and keep my mouth shut until it passes.

Luckily a very rare event, although today I remembered that when I was a teenager I would sometimes get really worked up about a completely imaginary situation that had started as just an idle thought or daydream and gone off the rails.

But as Dali said, "the difference between a madman and me -- is that I am not mad!"
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Do your best
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Riding roof Wolfy style thanks Weasel
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Late but in.
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Looking forward to my 3rd straight sober weekend... The only three sober weekends in at least 10 years. I'm in!
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I will NOT drink to that!
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I'm in there like swim wear!!!
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Yeah the bus! Happy Friday morning.
I just had a dream where I watched a movie. That seems a bit weird to me.
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BigS - do you have those plants in the pics? Beautiful. I come from a culture with decorative plants and gardens, so I love it.

TennantSmith - too bad you are not here, we could play frisbee this weekend in Central Park...

Serenidad - great to see you again, here

Mesa - I want to see Burma, unshaved

Ruby - only half of me. For Asia, that is. I would never leave the other half in NYC, I'm still hopelessly in love. Hopefully

Solarion - "I would sometimes get really worked up about a completely imaginary situation that had started as just an idle thought or daydream and gone off the rails."
Me too. I try to to take it as further, as crazy as possible, until I wind up either amazed or laughing at what my mind is capable of doing.

Soberwolf - I said I would try the roof (don't know why) so I guess this week we need to share it.

Gilmer - late for weekend on Thursday?!

Beeraholic - 3 weekends in >150 (10 years) sounds like great statistic. Please stay!

JT0626 - "swimwear"? OK I'm going
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As far as the "in like swimwear" comment goes, when I was a little kid craving affection, my dad would jokingly say, "Get lost! You're on me like a cheap suit!"
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Oh, I meant to post
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Skipping on board, late as usual!!!

Greetings one and all fellow soberenders.

Now, to make dinner. Baked salmon and some sort of potatoe creation!

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In. Late today, London Underground in chaos
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Hey Weekenders!!

Some big sporting events this weekend, Boxing, snooker and ice hockey, it's gonna be good!!

Working on Saturday though, but then roll on the boxing!!

Let's keep it Sober!!
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