Stressed out

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Stressed out

So I just lost my job working in treatment. It was a really safe job for me, but because they let me go I've been over analyzing everything. I want to get back into my artistic passion, it is when I'm most happy. I am close to 9 months of sober time and I'm only 23. I'm still going to college and now looking to further my reach towards art school. Looking for some advice on what to look for in jobs or what I should start moving forward towards. Thanks!
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Hi Oclaf - if art is your dream, art school sounds pretty good to me

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I'm sorry you lost your job but congratulations on 9 months sober and art school sounds brilliant!

There's a site called and it's a careers website I have used before. You can choose your subject and see what ideas pop up and see case studies too. I've used it as I have a law degree but don't want to stay in law forever!
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Do your best
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Art school sounds good
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Of course I will vouch for art school! If you are an artist you must yield to that... I tried to run away from it myself, but now I understand it is part of my soul. I did not do art school, but I do art. Do you want a job related to art or ?? My nephew went to art school and was an intern at a graphic design company. He teaches art now in Dubai. Maybe you could talk to an adviser at the school to get some ideas. Good luck!
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Congratulations on your sobriety and also for pursuing your dreams.

AF's question is a good one: not everyone finds pleasure in professionally pursuing their passions. In this I'm always reminded of Mark Twain. He loved the Mississippi and decided that he'd become a river boat captain. What could be better, out on the body of water he loved all day? But as a river boat captain, he had to learn where every rock, every tree and every danger was, and it took the passion for the river right out of him.

I think I mentioned in another thread a friend who had a boring but well paid job. She was (is) super smart, and we asked her, "aren't you bored?" But for her, an artist, the job was perfect. She'd leave the office at 5 and not give it Another thought until she returned the next morning and would spend the evenings painting. She is now quite successful commercially and supports herself solely with her art. So, there are a lot of possibilities. Isn't it fantastic to tap back into these passions?
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